Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Why Should We Care?

Jeremy Clarkson is the host of a popular car show in the UK and he hates America, and American cars. Unlike many, he is quite up front and honest about it, he reeks of contempt for anything American. I suspect this is because while he is a major celebrity in the UK, and thus treated with great deferrence by the lower sorts he bumps into, he is an absolute nobody in the US. Like Robbie Williams before him this has convinced him that the problem is that the US is too stupid to see his genius. Actually I quite enjoy Clarkson’s show, but I still think he is the very definition of a complete and total ass.

Videos Pulled By Youtube
Top Gear is putting up Videos now on Youtube, but they don’t allow embedding.
Here is one that is pretty accurate, but pretty insulting to Americans.

And here is explaining Americans:

American’s don’t need to feel too bad, he hates other foreign cars too as shown below, this car had the audacity to be plebian!

Also see this post for newer Clarkson views

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  1. panasianbiz Says:

    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I’m not sure if I should be happy or not that I have never heard of this Clarkson fellow. Seems like he should be doing something more constructive with his time.

  2. Brett Says:

    I enjoy watching him, but it the same as I enjoy watching Basil Fawlty, the difference is that John Cleese is portraying an ass, I suspect Clarkson is one.

  3. Bill Says:

    Interesting that he has nothing but good things to say about the helicopter which, I’m pretty sure, is also an American product.

  4. Todd Says:

    And the M134 gatling gun is made by GE. GE, we bring good things to light.

  5. Alex Says:

    I like Richard “Hamster” Hammond better anyways. He likes American cars.

  6. Chris Hartmann Says:

    Well what can I say, I am based in the UK and I have to put up with this Dip Stick.

    I have the pleasure in owning a C4 and a C5 great cars and am looking to trade up to a C6.

    If it’s any consolation, Clarkson is a prowd owner of a GT40, which since he’s owned has nothing but problems with it and been give plenty of stick over it by the Hamster.

  7. Clarkson support Says:

    i think your a tart. whoever posted this, clarkson, does not HATE america at all. if he hated america, why would he buy an american car? if he hated america, why would he have filmed his latest dvd out there? if he hates america, why would he travel all the way to california so he could drive a few laps round the laguna seca and i quote from the man himself “one of the greatest race tracks in the world”
    he has a dislike for George Bush though, good on him i say! why support a guy who can’t chew a walnut without choking on it? why someone who declares war on people who they supplied weapons to. (the taliban, by the way. i wouldnt expect a mere american like yourself to know something like that)

    anyway, there is a fine line between hating something and insulting something. i insult some of my friends occasionally. AS – A – JOKE! TO – BE – FUNNY! AND – TO – HAVE – A LAUGH!

    In case you havnt figured out yet, and let’s face it, being american you probably havnt, i am British. And the fact that you have the cheek to publically insult a man who brings to light your crappy american ways, insults me. If you had any sense you’d realise that all the things he says about america is true. if you new how to read or understand politics then you would also understand. if you understood the concept of killing a guy with a turban on and NOT something with a red white and blue flag on, you would understand. but you don’t, so stop going out of your depth into things you quite clearly havnt looked into first. go back to reading fairy tales, you will find them a lot more understandable.

    Don’t hate me, the liklihood is, iv actually helped you by writing this. In the time it’s taken you to read this (my estimate is 10years) you would have lost 90lb’s! that’s the size of steak you ate last week!
    now please, get back to your king size cheesburger with extra large chips and stop wasting my time.

  8. Brett Says:

    Thanks, your brilliant treatise has persuaded me to see your point. What cunning and insightful arguments you made! Anyway, glad you enjoyed the article and hope in the spirit of the holidays that you are enjoying your spotted dick.

  9. Ric Says:

    What my British friend was trying to say is, Clarkson usually has a point! From what i have seen American cars are pretty poor. A lot of modern American cars are fitted with suspension that everyone else stopped using half a century ago, i am talking ancient technology that has no place on a modern vehicle.

    The engines you yanks put in your cars are laughable from our perspective, there are many examples of massive 6 litre engines that produce a mere 200 odd horsepower. The rest of the world can beat that with a 2 litre engine, but not you guys.

    Cornering, it is an approved FACT that American cars do not go round corners gracefully at all. This is mainly due to that poor suspension. You drive a Ferrari or an Aston Martin, then you will understand what we mean. From what i can tell, an American will buy an American car, not because it is good in any way, but simply because it is American, which to be honest is stupid.

  10. Brett Says:

    Ahhh, I see, I had mistaken his post for a generic anti-American rant. Your points are all valid of course, at least for the moment. GM and Ford are producing dreadful cars at the moment, no argument from me, I drive a Toyota, the best selling automaker in America. When I lived in the UK I drove a Renault Laguna, which was a surprisingly good car. In the 80s I used to do some work the Renaults that were imported then and they were crap. If they can improve perhaps there is hope even for GM. As for cornering I agree, but add the caveat that American cars don’t need the good cornering as much because the roads are much wider and straighter then the ones in the UK or Europe. Doesn’t excuse the crap engines, but as I said maybe one day GM and Ford will actually build a car with some passion again and we will see what we get then.

    As for Clarkson, I have no argument with him when he insults American cars, the article linked above is generic anti-American ranting. Cheap and easy to get anywhere in the world. Often with some basis in truth, but always much easier to do then to look at real problems at home. It is a lazy article and an easy one to do about anywhere in the world you visit. “The bureaucrats are stupid and the food is bad.” I enjoy Clarkson, I watch the show when I am over there, but it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be called out when he writes something stupid.

    The article in brief is a complaint that people in America don’t know Clarkson is a big celebrity and should be able to just do what he likes. How easy do you think the local authorities would make it for me to fly to the UK and go out to field somewhere and shoot a cow, then drive with it across country?

  11. Carol Says:

    Just for the record, Brett is not a tart. He is a Maryland cookie.

  12. iClaudius Says:


    The helicopter was invented by Igor Sikorsky, a Russian (actually Ukranian). The first successful flight, though, did not occur until after he became a naturalized American citizen.

  13. clarkson support Says:

    Edited: You are welcome to insult the host of the site, but be polite to other guests on the site please.

    anyway, brett, thankyou for wishing me that. i do enjoy spotted dick indeed however when one is holidaying in New Zealand it is hard to get that around here unfortunately. but since the recipe is linked i shall enjoy making it when i get home.

    happily, you’ll be pleased to know tht indeed i was ranting about america.
    but maybe a little too harshly. for that i apologise. maybe i got carried away. however i stand by my view that you are a bit of a tart for saying tht about clarkson.
    you should read his books. “i know you got soul” probably the best one for you in particular. in it he does genuinely compliment american made machinery – the boeing 747. the b52. the blackbird. the flying boat. the hoover dam. the gt40. the space shuttle and the millenium falcon of all things.
    now i wont deny that when he is talking about the b52 he certainly takes no prisoners regarding viet nam. but still. you should read it.

    clarkson’s just the kinda guy who never grew up, and ferosciously proud of his country, too.

  14. Matt Says:

    Before I say anything, I want it known that I’m a BIG fan of Top Gear, and think we need something close to it here in the States. They do beautiful camera work and I think Hammond is one of the best to watch.

    Let me get this straight, you’re saying that Clarkson doesn’t hate America? Man, maybe you should read up on what he’s been saying. The problem with JC is that he’s so far gone on hating America, that I don’t really take a thing he says seriously about it. The main problem I have with him as a car critic, is that he goes beyond cars. He writes articles about the political system of America and then slips in a review about a Dodge Viper……there’s a problem there.

    Maybe you should watch “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” by Clarkson. You might as well put him up on a 100 foot soapbox, where he actually says, “God, I hate this country”. The cars are amazing to watch, but his points are so far over the top that it doesn’t prove a point at all. Comparing a Range Rover to a Cadillac Escalade on off road is a joke. Why doesn’t he pick a Grand Cherokee Limited? I’ve owned a Discovery, Range Rover, and Grand Cherokee and took them off-road quite a lot in Moab Utah (the most grueling trails in the US), and the Jeep far surpassed the Range Rover. So he’s not exactly comparing apples to apples.

    I think it is fair for someone to insult JC though. If you can’t that would be the worst case of “dishing it out, but can’t take it” I’d ever seen. I don’t see why you would take a insult to JC as an insult to you though. He doesn’t represent the UK, as I have been there a few times and have friends there as well, all of which don’t think of JC as a spokesman for Britain.

    Note that none us of here have attacked British policy or the British people, but only JC. Don’t turn this into a country vs. country fight that isn’t there. Or you could just look like the self-righteous, tea drinker that you seem to be, while we’ll be the burger munching, but understanding yanks.

  15. Matt Says:

    “The new Pontiac Solstice is America’s first attempt at making a sports car in more than 50 years. And not since David Beckham’s wayward penalty kick against Portugal have we seen anything go so wide of the mark. It is comically awful.”

    This is a quote from Clarkson about the new Pontiac Solstice that came out last year. I race cars, in fact I have a 2005 Mini Cooper S, which is a great car. I’ve also driven the Mazda Miata and it’s new rival, the Pontiac Solstice. The new Solstice is hammering the Miata into the ground at races and autocross. Both are similar and price and specs. Somehow, JC loves the Miata and hates the Solstice of which he’s never driven. That’s bias if I’ve ever seen it. I wouldn’t take JC serious on a single thing he says, but do enjoy the great shots of the cars on his show.

  16. WildKarrde Says:

    JC needs to be taken with a grain of salt. See… I think Corvette’s have been overrated for a long time anyway… and I think that video was amusing. :) Would have been more offensive to me if it were a Viper… but then again JC likes the Viper. It still would have been amusing to see him blow one up though.

  17. Everard Says:

    I love Topgear. The whole presentation is top notch. I even like Clarkson to an extent. My first reflex, however, after watching his dvd (the good, the bad, and ugly) was think what a big, fat, pompous, jackass JC is. After all, none of his comparisons were “apples to apples”. For example everyone knows an Escalade isnt a purpose built offroader…infact he (actually Hammon) did a show prior about the Escalades and concluded that you buy one only for the “bling” factor. Also he isn’t clear on what happened to the H2…for all we know its driver may have had a sudden, scorching case of diarrhea and had to run off to tend to business, leaving the hummer stationary halfway up the hill.
    I dont however, believe that JC has a hatred for all things American (except for Ford GTs). I think he just has a massive inferiority complex and sells his goods to an audiance of like minded folks. I know for a fact, having lived and worked in London for 5 years that he isnt an embassador for all Englishmen and women or Europeans for that matter….maybe only the under 60 IQ crowd who are eager to buy into the fact that just because you build nice cars (and most European cars are nice) that you are a superior civilization. I am sure outside of the office he’s a nice guy, but his approach to journalism (if you can call it that) is rubbish.

  18. Hazael Says:

    I find the guy who has turned this into a “country versus country” debate quite ridiculous and to have very poor grammar. But to feed his appetite, I’ll give in a bit, America… are we really culturally lacking? Well considering our population is so diverse I say no, but geographically – yes!

    In Britain as in all European and Asian countries you have the luxury of living in a geographic manner that forces you to acknowledge your neighbors. Also the existence of the European Union helps as well. Having Americanized Canada to the north and Mexico to the south does not help us in the global matter.

    But the fact remains that anyone who is ignorant enough to hate another country such as you and JC, truly have not taken advantage of your surroundings. JC not only hates America, but Germany and France and so on. Hating a nation for it’s political influence or action is pathetic. If the Brits had been able to maintain their empire you’d be singing another tune.

    America is great, Britain is great, every country is great. It is the governments and power that sway peoples’ view. And to show how ignorant and lost you are, Ill point out the fact that the US never sold weapons to the Taliban, they sold weapons to other smaller militias to combat the SOVIETS, which does not seem so bad compared to the weapons Britain sold to Iraq through Jordan to hide the sales. But I would not expect someone who does not know how to capitalize sentences to understand something so complex, so please go back to reading your American Anti-US propaganda about US-Taliban relations.

    P.S.-Top Gear is funny and witty. And is no different then any other show where stereotypes are blown up. But JC sometimes takes it to heart, but I know most Brits like most Americans realize it is JUST a show.

  19. sumuji Says:

    He is a very insulting prick. He doesn’t stop at insulting the American encomy cars he compares to luxury Euro sports cars. He insults Americans left and right which cheesy sterotypes and not in a joking kind of way. I don’t think it’s like teasing someone you really like but more along the lines of being him being a dick to be an attention whore for his British audience.

  20. jimmy Says:

    jermey clarkson is a genius you americas are lacking a sense of humour .you are takeing clarkson to seriously, Of course he telling the truth about your country all your cars are crap, and so is your country, we in europe are forward thinking were you you yanks are backward pick up truck driving inbreedes jermey is just high lighting your lack engineering genius that europe has. Jeremy is coming to america to an american verson of top gear.
    post on the bbc. General motors and ford are as god as bankrupt jeremy takes no prisioners

  21. Sir Says:

    This grammar is fucking killing me. Kudos, Ric, on actually having a grasp of the language your people spawned. That’s apparently the exception, not the rule across the pond.

    A caution though– before you laugh at “archaic” overhead valves or real bores and strokes, let’s see if there’s a Porsche, Aston, or Ferrari that can hang with the Z06 and get 26MPG. How exactly was Clarkson laughing about fuel economy? Last I checked an F430 puts down just 70% of the ‘Vette’s torque and gets 15MPG? You’d also have to give up 180 PS in the Porsche line to come close. I’d say Europe can do better…

  22. Kryz Says:

    Haha, what a beautiful discussion! About the blog itself: “[...] he reeks of contempt for anything American. I suspect this is because [...] he is an absolute nobody in the US.” I personally don’t think he could care less. For one: he really does dislike the US, although definitely not as strongly as he makes it appear in Top Gear (if you’d watch the program closely, you’ll see he tends to over-exaggerate to make a point – Top Gear is mostly comedy and light entertainment, and shouldn’t be seen as an informative automotive program), and I think he joins alot of Europeans in general lack of regard of the US due to the way the US and its people behave themselves in the world.

    Then about Clarkson himself: yes, he’s a dick, but mostly just to have a bit of fun. He really doesn’t think all Germans are Nazi’s, all Dutch are drug addicts and all Americans are fat. But it works in the show, and that’s the most important thing.

    And one last thing: you guys (yes, you Americans) awarded Top Gear with an Emmy, so he must be doing something right… wouldn’t you agree? :)

    PS: guess where I’m from. I bet you five quid you won’t get it right.

  23. Elmer Fudd Says:

    The Brits coming on here to insult Americans and America are typical of the current insecure, cynical, mean and miserable people that are ruining their country.

    Unfortunately more and more of you people are somehow slipping into America, mainly through so-called entertainment and media. I’m sure this will eventually come to a halt as Americans come to their senses and send these horrible and miserable people back to where they belong.

    Too bad the Top Gear crew didn’t get a good beating during their racist episode down in the deep south.

  24. RedJet Says:

    I found this blog by searching on the words ‘Jeremy Clarkson the Prick’. I am from the U.K and have lived here all my life. I have a great passion for cars and studied Transport Design in the ’90s at BA level. I work for a major global automotive manufacturer as a Technical Advisor. I own classic cars and race some of them when I have time, so you can see I love all cars from around the world, have extensive knowledge about them, and know they were all designed/built for their own purpose and markets.

    Clarkson the mother f**ker knows nothing about them. I’ve watched his rise to fame from the early ’90s and he has learnt f*ck all about cars. He was just lucky, to be in the right place at the right time, that’s it. When he started his career there was no one like him (thank god) and this is what TV bosses liked about him as he talks a lot of bollocks. Untill recently he did not know the difference between a Supercharger and a Turbo. He still doesn’t understand Torque and Horsepower, and can’t drive round a track unless he has 6 million practice laps. He gets very annoyed when one of his co-presenters beats him at anything and like a kid, will twist it round so he can cheat and somehow win. Anyone I know who is a car enthusiast, also hates him. His face is just so twatlike and he always pulls that stupid face when he is in a really nice car. He thinks he looks cool but is just a monkey. Just because he has made money talking shit for 17 years, he thinks he is superior to everyone else and talks down to other Top Gear presenters. I remember when Richard Hammond first started, JC was taking the piss out of him for having a 1984 Porsche 911. He even had to show a picture of it on the show to try and humiliate Hammond. Prick, I wonder what car he had when he first started Top Gear, bet it wasn’t a 911. On top of that he trys very hard to prove he is richer and better than all the guests that come on his show. Sometimes the guest is richer than him and he then tries to take the piss out if their car or anything else he can think of. Simon Cowell once told him ‘You’re not on T.V because you look good’ after he tried taking the piss out of Simon’s new Maybach.

    The sooner he retires/gets sacked/gets shot etc the better. Top Gear will be much better without him.

    BTW, American cars are not crap. If you see some of the ’60s Mustangs I regularly compete against, you’ll think differently. There, feel better now. I came looking for a Clarkson hate blog and found one. The fact that it wasn’t too difficult tells you something. I’m off now, to find more hate clarkson sites.

  25. Seadog Says:

    I think RedJet sums it all up. JC is a prick and his opinions are certainly not shared by everybody over here. If he had stuck to cars he may have been bearable but he decides to spout politics and inevitably makes a fool of himself. I recently read a small article in a newspaper written by a local politician who pointed out that Clarksons attitude toward environmental issues contradicts that of the BBC. The politician has called upon the BBC to defend its decision to allow Clarkson airtime when he denies that the combustion engine is a root cause of global warming. Hopefully this will develop until Clarkson is shot by Greenpeace.

    As for Americans, I have worked over there for most of the past ten years and I must say that you do have a slightly different attitute to the world than most other nations I have visited. This is, of course, not necessarily a bad thing. I can also say quite honestly that I have never met an American that I dont like (with the exception of your airport security and imigration personnel). There are some in Britain who do have a poor view of the USA but, in my experience, these are people that rarely travel and rely on the misguided opinions of someone such as Clarkson to tell them what to think (I generally find they also read The Sun newspaper, but that is a different topic).

    I suspect that Clarkson does not really have much of an opinion of the USA, but he does know that by pretending to hate America, and pandering to the misinformed, sells more of his DVD’s.

    The best thing to do when dealing with a prick such as Clarkson is to ignore him. If he read this he would probably be laughing his head off because his outrageous comments have had the effect he was looking for, that being to keep his name at the forefront. In fact, by joining in with this debate I have done just that…doh!

  26. RedJet Says:

    Well said Seadog. Just to expand on one of your points, Clarksons crap DVDs are usually found in the bargain section in any store that was unfortunate enough to have bought stock of it. Even 2 or 3 quid doesn’t tempt any buyers. Wonder why???

    You’re right though, that fact we’re talking about him is exactly what he wants.

  27. Damian Says:

    According to some of the posts in here our dear old Jeremy Clarkson is “an ass” simply because he is anti-American in so many ways, not least of all American cars! Wow! That, then, makes much of the world outside of the United States of America similarly teeming with asses.

    Although I’ve been to America (never again though, at least not to the parts I went to in the south and mid west) I can’t comment on the home grown cars over there, but I sure have been to the type of unbelievably narrow minded, incredibly redneck, suffocatingly hypocritical pseudo Christian hellhole type of hicksville place featured in one of Clarkson’s Top Gear programs I have just viewed on our TV when he was down Alabama or Mississippi way. Using typically British humour tinged with a hint of typically British sarcasm bordering on the deliberately provocative (well, we are dealing with Jeremy here!) he certainly got the reaction he was aiming for – with a vengeance. IT was so funny. I have to say I had more than just a touch of sympathy when he closed this particular program with the words: “Don’t go to America!” :-) Nothing to do with cars though, in my case. I thank my lucky stars I wasn’t taken ill or had an accident requiring hospitalisation while I was in America, although I had taken out health insurance before setting foot over there, but from all accounts even that can turn into a living nightmare.

  28. British Says:

    The reason JC insults american cars is that they are horrible and deserve to be cussed. The reason he insults and hates americans is that they are dumb and stupid. Stupid enough to know and see things but still follow a monkey from texas. Open up your eyes people of America, theres a whole World out there, And everyone deserves to live and live freely, Its not just you guys. I totaly support JC for what he say against America.

  29. S. Harrison Says:

    Just to say, I agree with all those who have pointed out that JC doesn’t hate America. He thinks a lot of things you do are brash and stupid, which I agree with, and he also points out that sometimes you don’t have as much of a tendency to make things complicated and expensive as we do in the EU.

    ….on the EU note, he also pokes some severe fun at other parts of Europe and although I can’t fully tell I don’t think he thinks much of the European Union either… but nonetheless he still gives Germany credit for making the best cars in the world, and rips on them for being squares, and he worships Italy for making the prettiest cars in the world, and he rips on them to DEATH for being and I quote “useless” and a tirade of other jibes.

    He doesn’t hate Germany or Italy, and he doesn’t hate America. He does however (and in my opinion a little shallowly) cling to the UK as a bastion of sanity… a viewpoint which in some areas I understand and in other areas totally disagree with. He wouldn’t recognise (like many British wouldn’t) that the UK is far closer to the other EU countries than most people realise, and far less close to YOU than most people realise.

    I even wonder if some Americans could come over and point out that we really AREN’T much like you and really aren’t that important to you either.

    I’ll be quiet now.

  30. J2 Says:

    Wow British. Such thought and insight you have. You keep repeating the same regurtitated tripe with nothing useful or new to add. Heaps lot of dumb people in the UK as well. No new information to be had on that one! The Amercicans have had crap presidential choices for a while now. Bush was no better than the other talking heads to pick from.
    That aside, the American brands do need work. Everyone knows that. They are realising (albeit a little late in the game) that the products offered need to change in they even want to compete abroad.
    I like Top Gear. I would like it more if Clarkson would lighten up on the over bearing rhetoric that’s so painfully obvious.

  31. robert Says:

    lets face it clarkson is just telling the truth there is a lot to hate about america just ask an iraqi ,there all fat slobs there health system sucks there loud wankers, there president is a moron.there cars are shit ,there murder rate from guns is stupid, go clarkson

  32. J2 Says:

    The most obnoxious crowd I have met were surprisingly Brits. Just ask any Argentine, Indian, or Iraqui for that matter, what they think of the Brits (1930’s British policy towards Iraq). Probably the same thing said about the lot of you.
    I’m sure Robert is a shining jewel of health and eco-friendly consciousness. We all can’t be as well regarded.
    Get out and about more mate. It’ll do you well. You’re no better than those you mock. I honestly doubt you have first hand knowledge of anything outside of your village/town/city or where ever it is you reside. Go to a few more places and then compare. There is crap to be had everywhere. Britain is no better in a lot of instances.
    Bush is a certified idiot. I can agree to that.

  33. ridelikethewind Says:


    Allow me to speak for a lot of Americans. our roads are (except in some areas) straight and wide so handling is not really an issue that many Americans care about. What most of us care about is utility and comfort (i.e can i fit a 4×8 sheet of plywood in the back and my kids up front). nor are Americans so self centered that all we care about is ourselves.

    I my self have one of the “dreaded” pick-up trucks. it is a small Chevrolet s-10l rwd and gets almost 30mpg, and i can haul half a ton in it. It doesn’t handle well, but it is a truck…it shouldn’t that isn’t what it was made for. I am married but not to my sister …that would be the south and even then it doesn’t actually happen. I am, of course, refering to an episode in which JC compares an Airel Atom against a dodge ram. This couldn’t get anymore biased unless you replaced the ram with a Peterbilt! Lets see an Atom pull a 27ft center console Fountain up a slippery boat ramp or go through 32 inches of snow.

    The part of the USA that JC went to was in the deep south and i have lived there and i will say he isn’t far off track. however, i invite him to come to Pittsburgh and say the same. We will prove him wrong.

  34. RedJet Says:

    Yes I agree, like I said before, ALL VEHICLES ARE MADE FOR THEIR OWN MARKETS AND PURPOSES. American cars are crap American cars are crap neh neh neh. Just shut the fok up and use your own brain instead of twat Clarkson’s.

    Although I am not American like I mentioned in my previous post, America has long straight roads. So obviously they can have cars with soft comfortable suspension and not worry too much about going round a corner at 90MPH. Cars are supposed to be comfortable and not shake your fillings out of your teeth. I own various cars and My Alfa V6 sits about 3 inches off the ground with very hard suspension. This car would be pointless in America.

    Also, those of you moaning about the low power output of American cars don’t have a clue either. Ok, some Japanese cars have 300+ bhp from 2 litres, but what you don’t know is that the turbocharger and huge injectors means it drinks as much (if not more) fuel as a larger V8. That’s where the power comes from you doughnuts. You don’t get BHP from peanuts now do you? American engines are also less stressed, this means they are designed to run at high speed for long periods and not blow up. Try crossing a large state in a Mitsubishi Lancer/Subaru Impreza while keeping up with a Corvette/Camaro and it will soon be dead. So those of you who don’t know, don’t go shouting your silly inexperienced mouths off, you’re the ones who look stupid here. Not the Americans who you are trying to attack.

  35. ridelikethewind Says:

    Thank you redjet

  36. ridelikethewind Says:

    oh, i forgot to add on your last note.

    it isn’t uncommon to see 300-500,000 miles on an original engined vehicle here (like you illustrate the big engines are less stressed) such as the Ford Crown Victoria. Yeah the car will rub its door handles off the pavement on a tight turn but it floats like a cloud down the highway. It will also easily do 3-500,000 miles without a major mechanical issue.

  37. lizzard Says:

    You Brutish people were once like we are now the top dog. You talk so much crap about our wonderful nation. Have all brutish people forgotten their history?
    F@#K Britain and F#*K America, We all have dirty laundry.

  38. robert Says:

    no americans are total wankers there is nothing good about america they totally fucked south east asia with agent orange ,theyve contaminated iraq with du for 4 billion years , GM and ford helped nazi germany and there cars are crap and they deserved 9/11

  39. Jusforfun Says:

    JC loves to hate American cars. It is a game that a lot of you people dont seem to get.
    Nobody ever seems to challenge him on his level. Take the Austin Mini for instance. Every car ever produced lost money for the company. It was produced for a rainy climate but broke down in the wet as the engine electrics were in the front, just behind the grille. The first four years they folded the sill panels the wrong way and they filled up with water and rusted off.
    He berates American cars for not being able to corner.
    How about Triumph and Jaguar? They made cars that broke their own engines if you drove them around corners too fast. Yes it is true, large flywheel and small crankshaft bearings.
    this problem existed throughout British manufacture history for example the Riley 9 and Brooklands.
    Most of you will not realise just how bad British wipers are. let me tell you they are the worst on the Planet bar none.
    Suspension? Jeremy what are you talking about the Herald and Spitfire rear end was not made for cornering. Single leaf transverse, in other words the wheels fold under the car under cornering load.
    Let me simplify this, the British never made a good car! they were all like kit cars they all had failings they all were too slow and smelly! they all leak oil and nearly all overheat under normal conditions.
    Oversized engines jeremy, Glass houses and stones. “Rolls Royce” the only reason it moves is a giant engine. the same can be said of Jenson interceptor, any Jag, all Bentley’s ever and Aston Martin.
    I had an Aston for a weekend, it leaked oil and water, overheated, the brakes were rubbish and wipers were useless and failed to park properly…Hmmm Actually Aston Martin just about sums up British engineering. Too heavy, too slow, lots of flaws and loved by Brits.
    Move to other engineering like tanks or trains, British engineering is some of the worst, slowest, heaviest. Come on face it you didnt even build the Concorde on your own and it was fatally flawed all along.
    Did i mention trains, yes you built your railway system too narrow didnt you. Even now 150 years odd later it is still too narrow and that twit Brunell wanted to build one that was too wide. At least the french are back to save you again with the Eurostar.

    I challenge anybody to show me some British engineering that is superior to anyone elses.

    PS Logi Beard did not invent television, he was too late and in case anyone hasnt noticed “mechanical” was not the way foward.
    Crapper did not invent the toilet either!

    PPS I love jeremy Clarkson, he is a great entertainer and a typical Brit.

  40. J2 Says:

    Wow. Robert you continue to amaze. You sound like every other wanker that jumps on the wagon without any knowledge other than what you’ve “read” without truly looking into it.
    Yes agent orange is some nasty stuff, was a horrid, repulsive idea and continues to screw stuff up but DU is harmless unless you drop it on your foot. The very nature of the name DEPLETED uranium should explain a little bit of that to you.
    I say blame Asia (Vietnam) on France. Look it up and inform yourself on why.
    Most of Europe has done just as worse than what America has done.
    They just seem to attract more attention. You really need to get out and see the world, mate.
    I don’t mind Clarkson. He does attack any and everyone. Well, not attack but you get the idea. It used to be entertaining, but now it’s boring and rehashed.
    I think it’s funny some of the outlandish comparisons he does. Dodge truck vs Ariel Atom was very entertaining. Both vehicles are polar opposites and most of the comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt.
    It’s entertainment…nothing more. If I want a review that has facts but so opinionated, I look elsewhere. If I want a lot of toungue in cheek review, I look to Top Gear.

  41. Eric Says:


    I live in denmark. For the past 2 decades i have been driving japanese cars.

    And i must say they are extreme reliable. They always start and have godd resale value. I am more than satisfied with japanese cars.


  42. robert Says:

    Jusforfun you are the typical american inbreed just like billy bob you and your president bush have lost the plot , it is your people who need to see the world .mate the world isnt america you are just fat over weight hill billies

  43. Jusforfun Says:

    Robert, I am not American. I am not in America I am in Europe and I am not inbred. I am not fat, overweight or a hill billy as you put it.
    Your problem with me seems to stem from the fact that I am not British either and dont think the Sun shines out of your a$$es either!
    By the way Bush never lost the plot…he was never given the plot to start with! He is probably doing his best to act in support of US interests which is what he is supposed to do – as a puppet.
    So not a lot left in your post is there?

    It is funny when Americans come to Europe and see the news on television. They cant believe we get so much more information and that we dont follow their propaganda.

    My jibe is at JC in relation to cars and mechanical things. Take it all with a pinch of salt as you might say.

  44. robert Says:

    that great one eyed news network fox represents all american fukwits there entire population jermy clarkson is only telling the truth there rich thick apes

  45. Brett Says:

    Robert I swear if you didn’t exist someone would have to invent you, you are a true gem!

  46. J2 Says:

    I’m thinking Robert is really an American.

    Care to wager anyone?

    Well maybe not. I haven’t met one so ill mannered as this. Childlike at best describes this one.

  47. robert Says:

    i am the one who illmannered see how these american wankers bend the truth. they just will not except the fact that america is inferior to the EU oh ameria has a great military and as far as culture history and humanity goes we leave these wankers in the dust , clarkson is just saying what we in more enlightened parts of the world know to be true. the height of american culture in paris hilton even this yankee plonker was name after a european capital to try to be posh which she isnt just like america shes plastic like there cars

  48. Sterling Brooks Says:

    I just got back from the UK where my wife and I spent two weeks celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. (We live in Texas BTW.)
    My roots can be traced back to the UK nearly 200 years ago and I’m proud of the British link I have with our cousins across the pond (thus my name STERLING… :)

    While in the UK, I stumbled across his TV show, Top Gear. After walking around London during the day, I needed to rest my feet at night and turned on the BBC. Top Gear is a HOOT! So funny, in fact my wife enjoyed watching it and she isn’t really a car fanatic like me. I spent nearly 20 years working in TV here in the United States and even taught television here at a private university. I can tell you, Top Gear is BRILLIANT TELEVISION and not only entertaining, but highly intelligent, well produced, expertly written and the production values are TOP NOTCH. Great use of camera angles, superb editing, fantastic lighting… just a great, GREAT show.

    From London we went to Edinburgh and while there we decided to go into a bookstore and purchase an authentic version of a Harry Potter book. I came across Jeremy Clarkson’s book and was about to purchase it since I think he is so entertaining… I changed my mind FAST when I opened the book and saw he was lambasting America and specifically the B-52, which he said “looks like an evil Nazi Swastica.” He hates the B-52 and I think he hates our military too. After glancing through his book, I became super pissed, because I am a Vietnam Veteran, US Army Volunteer, not a draftee…)

    I was so miffed, I wanted to fire off a letter to him and ask him if he also hated the B-17, in which thousands of Americans died during WW-2 (flying daytime bombing missions while the Brits flew at night, making it harder for the Germans to see the British bombers) in order to save England from the Nazis. Our B-17 guys stuck out in the daytime and were easily picked off by aerial bombardment and by German fighters… The British Lancasters flying at night had an easier go because the German fighters could go up after them at night, and the Germans couldn’t effectively aim their FLAK at the Lancasters because they couldn’t aim at night.

    I wanted to let Clarkson know that the B-52 was designed in the late 40s and built the following decade to be deter another European menace, Joesph Stalin… The Soviets were storming through Europe overtaking Latvia, Lithiuania, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Estonia and they wanted to go so far as to the UK and beyond…

    If it weren’t for the B-52, Jeremy Clarkson might be speaking Russian these days instead of English. If it weren’t for the B-17 and the thousands of Americans that died protecting England in the 1940s, Clarkson would certainly be speaking German on his TV show!


    Sterling Brooks (A pilot and the Son of a WW-2 Pilot)
    N900ML was the tail number of an airplane I built and flew in 1991…

  49. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Hey… I just found out (Dec 31) we get Top Gear in the USA on BBC America (channel 135 on DISH…)

    They tore up and burned down a travel trailer (caravan) on this most excellent adventure… such a hoot!

  50. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Ohhh… I bet this news ruffled Clarkson’s feathers…

    The London Daily Telegraph just announced an American as their “Person Of The Year…” To add insult to Clarkson’s injury, this American is also a soldier.
    Clarkson hates our military as much as he hates Americans…

    The Sunday Telegraph has picked General Petraeus, commander of US forces in Iraq, as its Person of the Year . He was chosen for the new accolade above Nicolas Sarkozy, George Osbourne and Lewis Hamilton for, among others.

    As far as Clarkson saying “Americans are fat. lazy and inbred…” well partly true… Americans are the fattest of any peoples on earth and that is why several municipal governments are trying to outlaw transfat… We eat more of this garbage than anybody on earth.

    As far as “inbreeding”… maybe partly true in the mountains of Northern Georgia. BUT, England’s Royal Family is famous for marrying cousins and other relatives.

    I guess I am just on a rant about Clarkson because much of my genetic material comes from Scotland (some from England, but more from Scotland…) The Scots that left the UK to migrate to the USA are one of the many reasons why the USA is so great… Google Scots and or Scottish Americans and you’ll come across the captains of industry who built our railroads, factories and lets not forget Ronald Reagan was of Scottish extraction… Oh, I forgot, Clarkson doesn’t like the Scottish either…

  51. robert Says:

    Comment Deleted.

    Edited by Brett: Sorry Robert this was well over the top buddy. Please remember that you are a guest here and not welcome to be abusive to other guests.

  52. J2 Says:

    Funny Robert. You berate a country that is just a little over 200 years old as not having much history as the rest of Europe, is like saying water is wet.

    Well no kidding!
    They are 200 years old! Of course they wouldn’t have as much history! Why is that a fault????

    Paris Hilton the top of American culture?

    Please! Even though I have lived in the states for a while and seen all sorts of things….I would certainly not even go near saying that. Even the poor souls here that are subjected to the relentless media, that she so expertly commands, grow tired of the trivial antics. By the way, she doesn’t appear to be plastic, but looks rather natural actually.

    The Americans culture is just as unique and varied as anyone else.
    Admittedly, they are different in their views (not always bad ones I might add), they aren’t at all a misguided folk.

    I also do not agree with everything they do. I don’t even agree with everything the UK does as well. I will say that when Bush leaves, it will be a welcomed event for many folks in the US and the world.

    You’re just as misinformed as you claim they are.

    If you want to see people in denial or misinformed…talk to some French (delusional sometimes) guy or Japanese (utterly misinformed at times). Quiz them on the past and compare their answers to what is widely known elsewhere. Mind you, not EVERYONE of them will be ignorant to facts but a good number will have you surprised.

  53. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Bravo J2… I didn’t get to read Roberts Rants… (it was pulled before I signed back on) but if you are ever back in the USA, allow me to either offer you an English breakfast or something from IHOP… (If I were you, take me up on the IHOP breakfast… I am a totally incompetent cook… just ask my wife…)

    Sterling Brooks
    (and no, I am not a Bush supporter… :( )

  54. IHateJeremyClarkson Says:

    God I hate Jeremy Clarkson.

    You want to talk about a pandering biased hypocrite who doesn’t know jack about cars and spends the majority of his time bashing Americans and any other group of people on the planet that he doesn’t feel is “sophisticated” enough then you need look no further.

    I accidentally stumbled across some of his show segments the other day when I was looking up car videos on youtube. I’ve never heard so much anti-American venom spewing from one mouth in all my years of existence. And what’s worst is that there’s actually a lot of Brits who buy into his non-sensical anti-American diatribe. His supporters will either pledge their full support for his angst, or they will excuse it away as comedy as if I’m some how supposed to accept that. Poking fun at Americans is one thing, but this prick goes way beyond the limits of entertainment. When you’re making joke after joke and insult after insult at the expense of an entire group of people, that truly goes beyond comedy and becomes a smear campaign. I really don’t believe the excuses that he “really doesn’t mean it” either. After hearing enough of his hatred you really do come to sense that his attacks on Americans are real, and they have evolved from harmless jests to downright personal criticisms.

    Almost everything he says about Americans is completely untrue and/or grossly exaggerated. I’m no car expert, but from what I’ve read from Clarkson’s opposition, he apparently doesn’t even know his own profession either. Comparing completely different models, getting his facts wrong, and just being a complete ass in the process might make for some good entertainment for brainless lemmings, but when people watch car shows they expect facts, not falsehoods. And the fact that he’s able to convince many people to buy into his BS makes hims dangerous to civil relations.

    I have known for quite some time that anti-American sentiment amongst the British was on the rise (mostly a bunch of juvenile pricks shouting insults on the internet), but I’m really not surprised when I learn that they’re watching “rubbish” like Jeremy Clarkson, and interpreting the personal attacks by one middle-aged low life as actual facts when they’re not.

    I wish everyone to boycott this jerk!

  55. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Whoa thar Pardner… (IhateJeremeyClarkson)

    I agree with you on one or two or MORE points…

    * Clarkson is a horse’s ass.
    * He HATES Americans.
    * He hates guns and guys who like guns…
    * And he hates our B-52,
    * He hates our military.
    * He hates guys (rednecks) who live in Southern States…
    * He hates Republicans
    * He hates fuel efficient cars.
    * He hates RVers (Caravaners in the UK)
    * the list goes on and on and on…

    Don’t watch Top Gear for EMPIRICAL, scientific evaluation. Watch it for entertainment.

    The guys on Top Gear are not members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) nor are they car wizards at all. Top Gear is ONLY an entertainment show, not an authoritative conglomeration of brainy mechanics. Top Gear is FANTASY, FOLLY, FUN and FRIVOLOUS… It isn’t FACTUAL.

    I’m watching Top Gear right-now (as I type this) watching DISH channel 135 (The BBC in America) and the Top Gear guys have challenged a race from London to Scotland with one of the “masked guys” (I think they call him the STIG?) who tests cars.

    The “HOOK”, and that is what often makes for great TV shows (I know, because I taught this stuff in college and I worked on TV… Look me up on YouTube, type in “JAY ARMES, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR” and you’ll see a piece I hosted on national television…) … Anyway, back to Top Gear, it’s one of my favorite shows… too darned funny and entertaining NOT to watch. Top Gear HOOKS us into watching. And it has one of best production values of ANYTHING on TV, here in the USA or UK.

    For anybody to say Clarkson and Top Gear is “dumbing down automotive reviews,” is like someone saying Miami CSI (or New York CSI… the list goes on) shouldn’t be on TV because that isn’t how cops investigate crimes and crime scenes. If we watched “REAL” cops doing REAL crime scene investigations, we would spend all are time snoozing in front of the TV… It wouldn’t have ”THE HOOK” to entertain. Heck, TELEVISION is fantasy. Not reality. Even the “REALITY SHOWS” are fake.

    And to say Clarkson is an evil Left-Winger (which he is) well, 99% of all the Americans working in Hollywood are as Left-Wing (or worse) as Clarkson, and we watch Hollywood movies and TV and “WE idiots” who WATCH are the ones who are making Left-Winger Hollywood types rich. (Just as we are making folks in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela rich, and they hate us too… Not much we can do about this but stop driving cars, stop watching TV and stop going out to the movies…

    Watch ANY episode of Top Gear, and you’ll see that Clarkson, Hammond and May are total BOOBS, and this is what makes them entertaining. I think of these guys as “The Three Stooges” of the car “shows” on TV. And they know this aspect of their show is what makes it so darned “watch-able” and entertaining.

    They do really stupid stuff on their show, and this is why 99% of us enjoy watching these boobs. We don’t watch because we value their “opinions” on cars. We don’t watch Top Gear because we value their opinions about American’s or their opinions about folks who “caravan.” We watch because they are boobs, just like what made Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis or Bob Hope and Bing Cosby or Black Adder (Rowen Atkinson) and his boobs on the BBC so funny.

    Going back to Top Gear… in the episode I am watching at the moment, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Hammond have to build and finish a “kit-car” and drive it across the “start-line.” Before the SIG gets to race off from London and make it to Scotland. How do these guys come up with these ABSURD and SILLY ideas? Who knows, but it is a HOOT to watch the absurd and a HOOT to watch my favorite “idiots” on TV (just like Rowen Atkinson, Jerry Lewis… the list goes on…)

    These “absurdities” are what makes this show so fun to watch…

    One time, James May was racing Clarkson except James was flying a Cessna and Clarkson was driving a car… That’s a hook and an absurdity.
    Then they set the world’s speed record for driving high speed INSIDE A BUILDING. That is ABSURD, but great fun to watch.

    The problem I have with Clarkson, he says Americans are a bunch of gun-loving, fat, unintelligent rednecks who eat donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (We are much more diverse than that, a few of us Americans don’t like guns or donuts…)

    You know, Clarkson has a bit of a “porkers face” himself. May be due in part to eating English Breakfasts where they serve BEANS with eggs! Clarkson is full of beans. It shows in his chubby face AND WE ALL KNOW HE IS FULL OF HOT AIR… must be the British beans in the morning.

    As far as his hating of Americans who own or use guns, HE IS THE ONE who destroyed a Corvette with miniguns (like Gatling Guns) mounted on a helicopter, and HE is the one who more than likely decided the fate of shooting to death a Toyota Prius.

    If anyone has a fantasy about GUNS, it is Clarkson… He is England’s version of a redneck, (but much worse, he is in denial) although I suspect he might have a little more education than a redneck from the mountains of Northern Georgia… or East Texas, Clarkson uses guns to destry the cars he hates. (By the way, he wasn’t allowed to destroy the cars in the UK, he had to come here to the USA to do that… Is he allowed a right to “bear arms” when he enters the good, old USA?) This is an oxymoron? He hates guns, he hates Americans, but he has to come here to shoot cars?

    Clarkson admitted on this show this evening, he was “trained” as a local newspaper reporter, May was “trained” as a pianist and Hammond was trained as a Radio DJ. Sure as shootin’ these guys have no real expertise to make authoritative commentary on automotive engineering standards… so why is his show so popular? It’s popular because it is brilliant TV.

    Top Gear guys are no different than folks like me who watch Top Gear (or CSI,)… These Brits are no “car experts,” they simply like fast, sexy cars like most of us here do… and they know “NO-more” about cars than you or I… BUT they do know how to make for successful television, and I suspect Clarkson is laughing all the way to they bank, while those of us who watch his show, drag ourselves out of bed each Monday morning at 6 a.m. and head off to jobs we hate. (So in that regard, Clarkson is smarter than the rest of us slobs who have jobs we hate…)

    No, Clarkson isn’t an idiot. He just hates Americans, and we in turn get to hate him. Hell, this (USA) is a free country and we get to despise who we like…. (a play on words there mate, “despise who we like…”)

    But long story made short, God Bless our American military (and God Bless the Brits to who wear the uniform too) because the UK and the USA are the bastions and protectors of free speech. (I was at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park two weeks ago, that is indeed FREE SPEECH!)

    These two great countries (USA and UK) allow us to express our ideas openly and freely…. Believe me, because I worked in the Soviet Union (in TV) before the Iron Curtain fell, and I know how people have been prevented from expressing their ideas and I know what depressing TV is like, SOVIET STYLE.

    Yes Jeremy, you would be speaking Russian if it weren’t for the American B-52, or at least speaking German if it weren’t for thousands of Americans who died in B-17s, while protecting England from the Luftwaffe and the Buzz Bomb.

    Jeremy, go see the memorial the British erected in Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. I was there in December a few weeks ago and the memorial inside of St. Paul’s is a great place of honor for America Aviators and American military. It was very meaningful for me, a US Army veteran to see this memorial inside of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and I was very moved by the British sentiment.

    Sterling, from Texas,…a guy who has more guns (and probably vehicles and airplanes) than any of Clarkson’s neighbors. And who loves Top Gear and hates Jeremy for his bigotry and his left-wing comments about the B-52 and American Military…)

  56. Jeremy Clarkson Says:

    Edited by Brett: As above if all you have is profanity and insults you really aren’t welcome here. Honest to god profanity isn’t a substitute for cleverness. Heavily edited original fake Clarkson comment below:

    I can hate what I want at the end of the day you’re still going to watch my show you wankers!

  57. Brett Says:

    This really wasn’t a very good idea.

  58. J2 Says:

    Well, you can’t help that immature people love to take a moment and really show how ignorant they can be. Blame them and not yourself.

  59. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Brett Says: “This really wasn’t a good idea.” (click the link, not identified as a link, but click it anyway) makes for a good read…

    I was going to divert people to reading this news earlier this morning as I Googled “Jeremy Clarkson” to see what other people were saying about him… When I came across the “unfortunate-news” that hit the internet today, I thought I’d make a link myself, but then again I recall in my post a couple of days ago, “Clarkson is probably laughing all the way to the bank…” I didn’t want to appear to be rubbing salt in his wounds… But gosh, wasn’t that a HOOT? Now his LOOT is gone… Someone at the bank should give Jeremy a swift BOOT in his rather large bohunkus for pulling a prank like that.

  60. ridelikethewind Says:

    him loosing 500p is like me loosing a nickel. Why would you publish that info … if that doesn’t represent the acme of foolishness i don’t know what does!

    anyway, after my wife and i have watched numerous top gears, I will agree with sterling, Ill watch Top Gear for entertainment and Motor Trend or Motor Week for the facts.


    to generalize millions of people in a country as “wankers” and so forth, is to be indignant and prejudice on the highest level not to mention the manner in which you post them is juvenille. Stop and think about it.
    would you say that all Arabs are terrorists…? No you wouldn’t because they are not…some are but most aren’t. I wouldn’t say that all Brits walk around in dark suits and bollar hats, drinking warm beer and shouting “pip-pip” and “cheeri-o” so i cant that i appreciate being lumped in with your hate.

    Americans have done a lot for the Brits, and the brits in turn have given the world people like Andrew Carnegie (ok, I know he is Scottish but i live in Pittsburgh.) and Joss stone (Ok she is just a singer but she is gorgeous). my point is that the two countries were like two halves of a person ..neither would have made it without the other. so lets stop arguing and look at Clarkson for what he is. A bigot, but good entertainment

  61. ridelikethewind Says:

    him loosing 500p is like me loosing a nickel. Why would you publish that info … if that doesn’t represent the acme of foolishness i don’t know what does!

    anyway, after my wife and i have watched numerous top gears, I will agree with sterling, Ill watch Top Gear for entertainment and Motor Trend or Motor Week for the facts.


    to generalize millions of people in a country as “wankers” and so forth, is to be indignant and prejudice on the highest level not to mention the manner in which you post them is juvenille. Stop and think about it.
    would you say that all Arabs are terrorists…? No you wouldn’t because they are not…some are but most aren’t. I wouldn’t say that all Brits walk around in dark suits and bollar hats, drinking warm beer and shouting “pip-pip” and “cheeri-o” so i cant say that i appreciate being lumped in with your hate.

    Americans have done a lot for the Brits, and the brits in turn have given the world people like Andrew Carnegie (ok, I know he is Scottish but i live in Pittsburgh.) and Joss stone (Ok she is just a singer but she is gorgeous). my point is that the two countries were like two halves of a person ..neither would have made it without the other. so lets stop arguing and look at Clarkson for what he is. A bigot, but good entertainment

  62. ridelikethewind Says:

    oops didn’t mean to double post

  63. J2 Says:

    Hmm, I completely didn’t notice the link.

    Publishing your own banking info is a completely absurd idea. Somewhere, someone has the means and know-how to get what they want from it.

  64. robert Says:

    the fact that these yankee wankers are so offended by JC is hillarious jc doesnt care what few american wankers think america is not the target market the world is and bashing america increases ratings and any way its so easy there dickhead president is height of american brain power.

  65. Neil Walker Says:

    I’m a Brit and I think Clarkson’s a bit of a knob, a public-scholl smart-ass, though he can be funny with his knockabout. But a luttle goes a long way. And he gets an obsecene amount of dosh for smashing up cars and making jokes.

  66. ridelikethewind Says:

    Robert like i said why be so juvenile?

  67. J2 Says:

    Bush the crowning achievement of American brain power?
    Just like Robbie Williams is the UK’s frontman in music.


  68. Sterling Brooks Says:

    *** Disclaimer… This post narrowly slips into the blog for which it is intended because I only mention Jeremy Clarkson only twice and Top Gear (four times…) And please allow me to apologize to Brett for getting off on a “rabbit trail” of sorts in regard to the intended substance of this particular blog… ***

    However for our misguided friend Robert… (psst… “Decorum,” Robert… in future posts! Perhaps more people would find validity and credibility in your observations and postings…. And please, try not to butcher the English language, watch the punctuation, please use periods at the end of a sentence, capitalize proper nouns and the first word at the beginning of a sentence and less use of vulgar language… These tips would start you on the right path to meaningful contributions in this forum…) By the way, these basic concepts in regard to “good” English were established in the UK many, many years ago and I’m confident in the UK, as here in the USA, all school children typically grasp these rules by 6th grade.

    During my recent trip to the UK (where my roots are traced back to) I had a very, VERY grand time and didn’t meet one single sorehead (or wanker for that matter) and I have nothing but the highest regard for the Brits… (except Jeremy Clarkson) whom for this BLOG exists. The Brits are my favorite people on Earth. (For my fellow American friends, “Google” the word “wanker…” Not many of us here know what “wanker” means. I suspect people having a propensity or fondness for this word and the actual activity itself… and who use this word routinely in their vernacular — often engage in this activity themselves on a VERY frequent basis — as a result of their own social isolation and their inability to establish close, personal and long-term relationships with other people.

    Back to my recent trip to the UK… Everyone I met while in England and Scotland, from police officers who were very-VERY helpful in helping American tourists (or those from other countries) to shop owners, cab drivers, waitresses in pubs, tour guides… they all were exceedingly courteous, friendly and helpful. Love those Brits I met along the way (even my “British” cab driver from Iran who drove me to Gatwick from Kensington for $200 was a super nice person.)

    May I suggest that you (Robert) go see Monty Python’s “SPAMALOT” in London. Listen to my favorite song in that play (towards the end) entitled, “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.”

    I have a large wad of unused Pounds that I didn’t manage to spend, and I am happy to mail them to you so you can buy a theater ticket… Maybe Spamalott (or an enema) will change your life and your outlook on people from outside your own village.

    Top Gear, Top Gear, TOP GEAR.. Jeremy Clarkson… (there, I said it ) Sorry Brett, but I just had to do this ;) ..

    British Sterling

  69. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Opps. I meant to include the below link that I found through Google concerning “that word” I mentioned in my above post.

    It is available through WIKIPEDIA if for some reason the link doesn’t work for you…

    Cheers and pip-pip… ;)

  70. Carol Says:

    For this and other terminology, may I recommend any of the Profanisaurus books?
    The original of 1998 (over 2,250 rude words and phrases)
    The revise of 2002 (0ver 4,000)
    And the more recent Profanisaurus Rex,published in 2005, which boasts over 8,000.

  71. robert Says:

    so america enters 2008 the world most hated country sub prime has crashed there dying of lack of health care .paris hilton is most important american on the planet more yanks will die in iraq and bush will sing godbless america

  72. J2 Says:

    More banter from the mindless.


  73. J2 Says:

    Come to think of it….. Paris has been very quiet in the past few months. I wonder what is brewing.

  74. robert Says:

    is there anythis in the last 8 years that an american wanker has done to help humanity they are the biggest polluters on the planet they are true selfish wankers who only think of themselves

  75. Brett Says:

    Remember kids, Clarkson hates America, but his bosses love our money.

  76. ridelikethewind Says:

    I am gonna bet that you are a teenager in the USA that is bored and just looking to cause commotion. I think you found a British slang term you like and are looking for an excuse to use it. May i suggest that when you attempt to state something as fact that you back it up with at least two examples. and why you feel that way. Then, just maybe (if you drop the foul language), people will take you more seriously.

    You are so very right. Clarkson is on TV to “stir the pot”…ANY pot that can be. Ratings brings sponsors, sponsors bring wads of cold hard cash!
    Come to think of it he is like the automotive Howard Stern.

  77. RedJet Says:

    Yeah I Also think this Robert twat is American and he thinks it’s funny fun what he’s doing here.


    I think Brett shouls just delete all of his posts and then he’ll crawl back under the rock from which he came.

  78. Brett Says:

    RedJet nearly edited yours as well but I don’t want this to turn into “Brett’s World of Edited Comments”. RedJet, Robert, Fake Jeremy Clarkson and anyone else commenting here lets keep it to things you would be happy to say to someone if we were all in my home. I would say at the pub but I have been in a few pubs where that would be a bad idea. I don’t mind a bit of trash talk, keeps life interesting, but if we get to shouting and constant swearing I will just start deleting rather than editing.

    I am looking forward to see what they do for a US version of Top Gear. Most shows the US rips off from the UK stink, but every now and then they get one right. I do think they will have to work hard to replace Clarkson and what he brings to the show. It is easy to be an arrogant blowhard, it is harder to make it entertaining.

    Lastly Robert I have something just to help you understand that not all American’s are morons. Is Europe a Country? Ok, so not everyone here is a genius…

  79. Sterling Brooks Says:

    “I am looking forward to see what they do for a US version of Top Gear. Most shows the US rips off from the UK stink, but every now and then they get one right.” … sez Brett

    I’m volunteering for that job. It’s been a while since I’ve been on TV but I know I have more technical experience than Clarkson!

    See my “TV Days” at this link (below) and tell me what you think…

    While on YouTube, watch my short piece on a B-52 I rode in. The B-52 is what Clarkson calls an evil flying Swastika… (Yep that guy hates America.)

    I think for my first car test (as your new host for “Top Gear USA”) I would compare a 1968 Jag against a 1968 Camero Z-28 (I had one in my youth… and it would blow the doors off a friends 68 Jag… and my electrics never malfunctioned like the Jag…)

    So, vote for me and call the Discovery Channel… Tell them you found a guy about Clarkson’s age who wants to show em how we can do it in the USA… But tell the Discovery Channel folks, I won’t plan of running down our cousins across the pond… maybe just their products.

  80. ridelikethewind Says:

    that movie you made for your dad made me cry…..damn you!
    the vw camper is very nice do you still have it?

    I myself have always wanted to do an automotive show. I went to college for radio and television but everyone is using robotics now… so i drive a truck.

  81. Sterling Brooks Says:

    I should have put a “rating” on that video. Choked up a lot of folks at my dad’s funeral, but that wasn’t my intention… just wanted to show what a great guy this fellow was as a father. He built most of my best toys. He took a 24 volt starter motor off an airplane engine and made me an electric powered hot-rod, and this was back in the late 1950s before Toyota or anybody knew what a “hybrid” was.

    After I overhauled the Westfalia Camper, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and he decided to sell it. Went to a nice home, an Air Force guy bought it and the Volkswagen is doing what it was designed for, camping in all sorts of interesting places.

    TV was a good gig for me, pretty much took me around the globe and I got to live in Russia before the fall of the Iron Curtain… And I owe that to my dad also, who taught me how to make films when I was 4…

    Robtics? Whats the world coming to! Maybe a robot will replace Clarkson?

  82. ridelikethewind Says:

    naaah, Clarkson is too illogical. A robot would be too…well …not that!

    You actually lived in soviet Russia? … that must have been awful.

  83. robert Says:

    top gear usa will be shit americans are not funny people there wankers.
    the only way to test an american car is with a crusher preferable with the wanker in it.

  84. Sterling Brooks Says:


    Living in the Hotel Ukraina in 1989 (across the river from the Russian White House) was interesting. Finding decent food to eat WAS AWFUL. I loved the Russians I met, even my guides, who ABC News advised were more than likely KGB agents. Ironically, I felt safer walking the streets late at night in Moscow, than in walking the streets late at night in Baltimore, Downtown Dallas, or Houston… I wouldn’t dare step out onto a Moscow street these, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The air pollution in Moscow was the worst of any city I’ve ever been to. They DON’T have smog devices on cars made in Russia, and as a result, there is a deep brown haze in their air, much like Los Angeles was in the 1960s.

    Just finished watching Top Gear from their trip across Southern States… This was a very funny show, although it is very obvious to me (with my background in TV) that the Redneck sequence chasing the Top Gear team was staged… Nonetheless, it was funny. I just wish one of those “good-old-boys” would have been more accurate in rock throwing when aiming at Clarkson.

    I looked up James May and “The Hamster” on the internet (because these two chaps are so likable-unlike Clarkson). Here are the links…

    Richard and James are interesting fellows. I’d buy them a few pints anytime, and if they ever make it to Texas, the Lone Star beer is on me…
    And I’ll give James a ride in my Cessna at night… (He is a pilot but can’t fly at night…) The Lone Star comes AFTER the flight BTW.

  85. PJ Says:

    This show is involved in the recent BBC scandals of faking and lying…notice how this season things are less “specatacular”, damage control?

  86. Brett Says:

    PJ couldn’t find them mentioned in the stories on the fakes at the Telegraph or the Times, do you have a link? I would be interested to see the story. I suspect it is just the usual sort of thing you see in nature documentaries, staged spontaneous scenes and the like, is that what they are being accused of?

  87. Bill Says:

    Well, there is this one show where they “accidentally” burn up a “caravan” (called “campers” on this side of the pond). I can’t imagine that anyone watching that show couldn’t figure out that the whole thing was staged.

  88. Brett Says:

    Yep, that was on last Sunday here Bill. That said it is exactly the same sort of thing that goes on in every Nature show you have ever seen. From Disney’s fake lemming rush to the Crocodile Hunter they all use every trick in the book to keep the shows from being dull. I wouldn’t be at all suprised if the Top Gear guys did the same. Cheating for me would be rigging a car to burn as the Dateline guys did years ago. The fake caravan fire just implied they are boobs, not that the caravan is inherently dangerous, well except when driven by complete morons…

  89. J2 Says:

    Wow! Robert still makes his useless replies. Been a while since I read this one. Glad to see that consistency is still part of the world.

    He still hasn’t learned punctuation or how to spell. Shame.

  90. Sterling Brooks Says:

    Just found this statement on…

    “NBC is also commissioning a version of the show to air in the United States, this too will have different presenters from the UK version. It will be called Gear as opposed to Top Gear.”

    Hmmmm. Wonder when the pilot show will air?

  91. TuuTuuTango on YouTube Says:

    I bet Jeremy Clarkson spit all this gum on the sidewalks in London! Look at his mess on YouTube. Type in London, Edinburgh GUM FROM HELL or go to this link. Or simply type in TuuTuuTango on YouTube and it will bring up my videos. (Oh, also watch the Scottish man snoring on the train… )

    Yep, if Clarkson thinks American’s are fat and lazy, well it seems that the British are disgusting in their own way… How can someone trash their town like this?

  92. Gearhead Lurch Says:

    First off, I agree that most Corvettes are plastic pieces of junk, sorry if you have one, I’ll laugh at you, because I’m a Mopar man at heart. Jeremy Clarkson is most certainly a character…hes generally pompous and hypocritical, but this certainly doesn’t keep me from enjoying the show and him up to a point. Hes paid to be funny and certainly has an abrasive approach, but then hes certainly not the only abrasive comedian out there. James and Hamster are great, and Top Gear is a top notch show in my opinion. I call Jeremy hypocritical for one big reason, I’m at least 3 inches taller than Jeremy (his height goes between 6’5″ and 6’7″ depending on his mood) and I guarantee I weigh 50 pounds if not more less than him, and on top of that I watched him remove the back seats of a “people carrier” Renault to fill it with cheese, so his two biggest complaints about Americans are rather funny to me.

    I’m an I-Car trained body tech. and have done restoration work on a lot of cars from a lot of countries, and generally theres not a whole lot of difference. Cars are designed by a person for their country, and suspension and engine tendencies will vary along with geography and culture, its certainly not a bad thing, gives you a car for every taste. The big issue with criticizing American cars from a British perspective is the fact that without our help, and money, and engineering some of the most venerated Brit cars would never have existed. Not to mention many are just re badged American cars such as most Vauxhalls. Any Rover 3.5 V8, or evolution there of, powered car is powered by Buick…well a piece of Buick’s trash to be more accurate (thats a wonderful bit). And most of the classic Brit cars I have worked on were swiss cheese wrapped around rotten wood, with frayed wiring in between. They were beautiful cars when they were new and can be again but with the extent of restoration work most need I wouldn’t invest in one. The newer Brit cars are sealed a bit better, but for some reason I always expected to find chewing gum holding some bit or another on. I love lots of American, British, and German cars. In reality, where looks are secondary to a car running and doing what you need Id trust the German or American cars over any other nation’s products, and old American trucks, they cant be killed. I just plain don’t fit into Japanese cars so they aren’t any kind of factor in my mind.

    Figured I’d avoid all the politics and stick to Jeremy, Top Gear, and good old cars.

  93. Brett Says:

    Interesting Gearhead, I used to be a locksmith and still judge cars by how much care they put into the locks, your view from the inside is fuller than mine. Yes, you are right, Mr. Clarkson is a big fella in more than height. There are reports we may be able to watch the show streaming from the states soon, it would be nice to get some newer stuff than youtube carries.

  94. Bill Says:

    Hey Brett,

    If you want to see some of the shows, I get BBC America. I think they show a season behind. I can DVR some of them if you have the time to come over, or I can try to set up my old VCR to record.

  95. ridelikethewind Says:

    what happened to hamster … he was in some sort of crash wasnt he?

    Gearhead, as for american trucks…….i just bought a jeep comanche that was sitting under a pine tree for 4 years. put a new battery in, it started and then i drove 45 miles home (put fresh gas in it ). needs work no doubt. but lets see an MG do that.

  96. Bill Says:

    He was driving a jet-powered (large jet) dragster trying to set the land speed record on the British Isles. One of the front tires blew and the thing went off the paved surface and flipped. He was pretty badly injured.

  97. Brett Says:

    In the UK you can watch the crash on the BBC site:

    in the US you have to us Youtube as the UK blocks non-Uk internet viewing:

  98. Brett Says:

    Doh, meant to mention he is fine now but was badly hurt in the crash.

  99. TuuTuuTango on YouTube Says:

    Clarkson says American’s are fat lazy pigs…

    Take a look at this video (of London and Edinburgh) and determine if ANY city in the United States is even close to this… (click the link to YouTube below, or simply got to YouTube and type in the searchbox, LONDON EDINBURGH PIGS.

    If human pigs do exist, the UK has their fair share too I’m afraid, and I am not trying to put down my cousin’s across the pond, I just want Clarkson to take a look in the mirror.

  100. Blahblahblah Says:

    @Sterling Brooks

    You didn’t save us from the Germans, we’d already saved ourselves before the U.S arrived a two and a half years late and the Germans had turned their attention to the Soviet Union, and we also wouldn’t speaking German as we’re a nuclear power like France too.

    Otherwise, your views are very good and very fair indeed. I found most Americans I met while I was in Texas (Dallas) very very helpful, even if a couple did ramble on about how great their country was. :)

  101. Blahblahblah Says:

    Sorry, we wouldn’t be speaking Russian during the Cold War, my bad.

  102. prank call rolls royce broke down Says:

    [...] Top Gear crew didn’t get a good beating during their racist episode down in the deep south.'s Your Fuel Price Tolerance Level? | Car News Blog at Motor Trend… cars and truck cost to [...]

  103. Clark Says:

    Do you think Michael Richards (of Seinfeld-fame) is generally a funny comedian? Focusing on a particular standup comedy routine, do you think he was funny when he directed racial epithets at a specific class of people? Whether you answer “yes” or “no” to those questions, Richards has the free speech rights to say whatever he wants, even if it offends a class of people.

    But in reaction to Richards’ “statements”, people that were offended by what Richards said exercised their right to disassociate themselves from his offensive speech. By doing so, they exercised something mightier than censorship, they exercised their right to spend their money elsewhere. At this very moment Richards can still say whatever offensive utterance he wants, and he can do it with full protection of the First Amendment, but most people will respond with “not on my dime.” Since he can’t get a gig, Richards no longer has any opportunity to offend the very audience paying his wages.

    We Americans are currently embroiled in a similar situation with Jeremy Clarkson. If you believe he’s funny, and aren’t offended that he hates you because you’re an American, then watch his television show. You may delude yourself in whatever fantasy convincing yourself he doesn’t really hate you (“it’s tongue-in-cheek”, “he’s really just jealous”, “it’s British humor”, etc.), but know this fact: he hates Americans, and this means you.

    If you think he’s offensive, and it’s obvious I do, then you need to do something that will allow him to continue exercising his right to spew his hatred of everything/everyone American, while also showing your strength as a consumer. Boycott his television show and tell every station that runs his show that you’re doing so. Boycott the sponsors of his television shows, and tell them that you’re doing so. Get others of a like mind to do the same thing (that’s why I’m doing this). If enough people will “do something”, he’ll get the point soon enough and he’ll either apologize, or he’ll go on spewing his hate…but not on my dime.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “I hate the Americans.” – “Don’t Stop Me Now”, written by Jeremy Clarkson

    “If you’re thinking of coming to America, this is what it’s like: You’ve got your Comfort Inn, you’ve got your Best Western, and you’ve got your Red Lobster where you eat. Everybody’s very fat, everybody’s very stupid, and everybody is very rude. It’s not the holiday program, it’s the truth.”- Jeremy Clarkson

    “If this were America, it would be full of people doing… whatever it is they do. Incest, mostly, I think.” – Jeremy Clarkson while comparing a rural British village with a rural American village

    “…I mean, the Americans are good for a lot of things, incest mostly…” – Jeremy Clarkson

    “America: 250 million wankers living in a country with no word for wanker” – Jeremy Clarkson

    “Most Americans barely have the brains to walk on their back legs.” – Jeremy Clarkson

    “In some parts of America they’ve actually started mating with vegetables.” – Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear’s Big American Road Trip

    “They’re made in America, of course, so that fat Yanks can go to the fridge without expending any energy.” – Jeremy Clarkson while driving a Segway

    “You see, the thing about putting a nice big engine like this on is for one big reason: weight, alot of weight. this big thing weighs nearly 600 pounds, which is the same as putting a whole american on the back” – Jeremy Clarkson

    But mostly, I suspect the people who move from Britain to the States do so because they are interested in guns and murdering. – Jeremy Clarkson

    “So why, you may be wondering, do I own a Ford GT? That’s simple. The body is British, the gearbox is British, the steering rack is from an Aston, the chassis was set up by a couple of guys from Lotus, the wheels are German and the brakes are Italian. The power is American, yes, but it’s tamed and sophisticated by Europeans. It’s a metaphor, in other words, for the perfect world.” – Jeremy Clarkson

  104. Mike Wilson Says:

    Wow, I have lived in Britain for 2 years, and let me tell there is alot of fat Brits. They love to tell us how fat we are, as I watch a 35 stone man walk out of a “kebab” shop with his bag of chips and kebab, as they call it here. I have noticed alot of English up there own a** quickly to point out America’s problems or faults. They need to concentrate on whats going on in there own back yard. Couple of exmaples NHS = JOKE the worst health care I ever recieved, recieved better at a clinic. 2. How much they charge for the NHS. Let’s say you make £30,000 pounds a year out of your monthly paycheck you will pay 10% of your pay which will be nearly £180.00 give or take a few. Which is about dollars $360.00 a month for health care. I made $60,000 dollars a year and I paid $80.00 a month for top notch health care which was Blue Cross ad Blue Shield of Florida. I have seen NHS health care and it = shit, goo luck if you need back surgery it will only take you about 6 months to get it, lol if your lucky. Hmm what about your petrol prices that is a joke your goverment charges .63 p on the liter of tax. So ya gas prices are not high in Britain because you think your a bunch of do gooders by off setting carbon emissions.. You goverment is money hungry pigs and you know it. Hmm what else to complain about? I could list the numerous flaws in your tax system. You continue to brag about your money being worth 2 times the dollar guess what that pound doesn’t buy you absolute shit in the U.K. Oh yeah, your immigration department lol = joke.. What they charge for insurance, hahaha you only wish you could pay what Americans pay for motor insurance. As for our President, your correct Bush = Idiot. But you have Gordon Brown an absolute bigger idiot. But you know what is better then that? Your queen lol, the biggest joke of them all. You pay a person to sit on a thrown, that makes a couple of visits £40,000,000 a year which = $80,000,000. The biggest joke of all of your goverment is the B.B.C. The english color (colour) t.v. owner has to pay £130.00 a year to have the right to own a color t.v. B.B.C. = equals crap t.v. shows and anything good they have on is from the U.S. anyways. Give B.B.C. credit for the documentary’s that is it. FACE IT YOUR GOVERMENT GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU, ECSPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A WORKING MAN IN YOUR COUNTRY. So you sheep cheer on Jeremy Clarkson, let him make fun of America. But just keep in mind I am living a whole lot better then you are, and I ain’t getting raped to do it…

    Personally, I have nothing against the English people,have alot of good english friends, my wife is beautiful english rose., and the time I was in England I had a great but costly time. I just don’t think that the English are very informed of there own goverment’s problems nor have the will to change it, so they find it funny to laugh at America’s problems. Jeremy Clarkson is just a tool for the B.B.C. He is just shit in my eyes, and he doesn’t know shit about the internals of any vehicle. Patriotism, can only be realized if you know your own country’s problems. I am sorry if I offended anyone but really someone needed to put some of these people in there place.

    Sorry about grammar errors I was very tired when I wrote this.
    Thanks, Mike

  105. BalzOnYer4Head Says:

    Its a facade and shtick on his part. Its his gimmick. I absolute love TopGear and watch it to see the cars that we don’t get over here. (TVR Sagaris is so gawd damn sexy!)

    As for Jeremy, he is the equivalent of the “color commentator” that we have over here. Someone who hates America and its cars does not drop six figures on something made in America. He also holidays here too.

  106. Fisherman32 Says:

    I, too believe that Mr. Clarkson is a ***************, however I also hate American cars. Compared to European cars, they’re shit! I mean look at the Ford Model-T. It only starts on +25 degrees celsius and when it does, it takes 30 minutes to get it running! And what about Cadillacs? They used to be really cool, now they’re awful tin cans that cost 100 000 bucks. Now, back to Clarkson. He insulted the Citroën 2cv (my car!!!) and he thinks he gets away with that?! I mean it was way ahead of its time, in the forties when the yankees were still making really crappy Chevys that would only last for a day and break into a million pieces when they where bumped into a tree. It makes me feel bad when Jeremy badmouths the good ol’ 2cv, so how ’bout I say something about his Merc SLK? It’s crap! Its sleek body design and turbocharged diesel engines are just there to hide the fact that the car lacks all personality, I live in Finland in a rich neighborhood and I have many neighbors who have SLK’s. They are regular, dull people and they have regular, dull cars (however big their engines may be). I might be just a poor fisherman with a crappy car, but at least I have personality and so does my car.

  107. Tom Says:

    For everyone who think JC is making some sense…
    I invite you to watch the video where he destroy a lada
    Of all teh car he praised…of course he always say that the most expensive car is always better…In a way, it is. I’ve watched many of his video. I enjoy the cars and the shoots, not the guy who is running the show. seem like he had a dislike for cheap car (made in russian, malaysian…) and American car…for which i say BS. It is not rite to be downgrading the cheap car because people who buy them are the one that cant afford better car. As for American cars, i lived in Texas and i really do think that most american car is a joke compared to japanese and european car (i mean the based Ford Mustang make 200 hp from a 4.0L V6… 50hp per liter…that is way below a Acura RSX type S make 200hp from a 2.0L I4 or the Celica GTS make 180hp from 1.8 I4…100hp a litter…i could go on forever) But i do like the Z06, they are cheap for the power, the quality and they corner better for a modern muscle car.

    In conclusion, i say there are many american cars that did not meet the standard expectation but you cant just say that all american car sux…there are still great car made by american out there.the Aero Shelby, The GT500, Z06, FordGT…

  108. Greendayman84 Says:

    Ok…Im going to tell you info about myself quick so we can all be on the same page…I am a 24 year old moderate republican American from Philadelphia, PA who hates Clarkson…Now to those who do not know what a moderate republican is I will tell you…If 100 is republican and 0 is democrat im 60…I live in a very liberal city and no I do not have sex with my extended family…I am college graduate with a degree in finance and real estate working in at a pharmancy to make ends meet…
    Now the reason why Im telling you this back history is so Robert can do the best he can to rip me apart…I enjoy an ignorant fool tearing apart someone he never meets and knows nothing about…Im an American and im proud to be one…Im as proud to be an American as an Englishman is proud to be English…There is nothing wrong with pride unless it clouds your judgement and you become an irrational fool…Look im a republican and I didnt vote for Bush, but I did what ever other proud American does…I dealt with it and made the best out of the circumstance and moved on…If you noticed, Bush has never won the popular vote, just the electoral college so think about that one Robert…Not all Americans are rednecks…Thats not even a 10,000th of a percent of us. Most of us are just middle-class citizens working in jobs we hate to make ends meet….Sounds familar doesn’t it…Hmmm…We eat too much but look at it this way…wouldn’t you if you could…Look the USA takes alot of stuff for granted because we can…If you were poor and couldn’t eat and then one day you could afford to buy whatever you wanted, wouldn’t you self indulge…Yes…If you say no your just lying to yourself…I lost 30 lbs in college just to make ends meet and it makes you apprecate what we have and thats why we self indulge…Now im not telling you this for a “sad story or get simpathy” but to make a point…
    Shows like MTV and Access Hollywood has done more to damage US image then Bush could ever do…Bush is an idiot…case closed…But TV has made it seem every American is a “rich, fat, having sex with your sister douchebag who thinks were the best…Most of us aren’t…We just want a piece of the pie…Most just want a place to live, be accepted for who we are, enjoy our freedoms and do what makes us happy…Now who the hell wouldn’t want that…NO ONE!! Hollywood / MTV makes it seem like we all are rich stuck up assholes…I don’t know how many times I watched a peice of my 16 year old birthday party show on MTV and wanted to drive to Florida (2000 miles from me) and beat the living shit out of those brats for making Americans look bad…Look the USA is about the relative size of the European Union so you know what that means…We have more people and that means more of us seem to be assholes because…take a guess…theres more of US…DUH!!! There are pricks everywhere…Its a fact of life…Deal with it!!
    Brett and Sterling your posts on Clarkson and everything else is 100% true and I agree 100%…Sterling, I slatue you…If it wasn’t for people like you I couldn’t enjoy the freedom I have…Freedom isn’t free and must be protected…I know you probly didn’t like the fact you were there but you man’d up and you should be proud…My dad was a naval aviator on P3s searching for submarines during the Vietnam War..I have been to Europe…The people there are the same as my town…There nice with a few assholes…Just like everywhere else…
    If your going to make an argument make it intellient…People like Clarkson are pointless to make fun of because its so easy…If you want a challenge go have a debate with someone who uses facts…Cursing and throwing a tamper tanum hurts your argument and people just laugh at you and don’t take you seriously..I can spell too and Im an American…Big surprise for ya…You want to talk about economics…Bring it…I’ll give you the whole reason why the world is entering a depression…It might take me about an hour to write so if you want me to post it give me a response…If you want to understand why the world’s economy is tanking its not because of the USA but the world as a whole…
    Oh, one last thing…Who is the first country the world goes to when there is a natural disaster or problem in the world…Its the USA…Look up the facts, the average US citizens donate the most amount of money to causes then any other country in the world…We understand we are better off then most people and we do what we can to help in their times of need…I don’t know how many of hundreds and thousands of my hard earned money I have given away to good causes…The point of this is for you Robert to understand your opponent in an argument you have to know him / her better then yourself and then pick them apart…Maybe you should go hang out with “working America” and then make your jugement call because from what I see…Working America and Europeans are the same blood…!!!

    (And before you tear me apart with the…,it is because, I do it as a style choice when I write…Everyone knows its me when I post cause of the … and its not like this is official posting for some high esteem new paper article…its just a blog…You should have proper grammer, spelling and word choice..Mistakes are ok but make it seem like you care now like your just typing like a fool)

  109. TL Says:

    Personally, he scares me with all that nonsensical vitriol he proposes as fact. The British I have interacted with are very kind and lovely people. (If he is considered a typical Brit, I am Queen Victoria) I can’t abide arrogant and ignorant bigotry such as he delivers. I adore witty sarcasm and satire, but Mr. Clarkson takes it to a whole new level of outright condescending boorishness and idiocy. Though, I do agree with some of views on cars.

  110. Fandango Says:

    I watched (for the first time in many months) Top Gear on BBC America.

    The show still has killer footage. The chaps running the cameras are incredible and the folks doing the final cut (editing) are in the genius category. The only thing, the show is simply fantasy. How many of us watching can afford a 572 horsepower Audi stationwagon. Frankly, the cars on Top Gear are like the models on the runways in Milan, France. Nobody dresses that way in real-life… and nobody but Paris Hilton drives cars like the ones typically featured on Top Gear.

    I wonder if the Chevy Volt I plan on buying will ever make a debut on Top Gear, and if it did, it would certainly be lambasted by Clarkson (as he has lambasted the Prius.)

    Getting off of OPEC oil seems to be of no concern to Clarkson and he is certainly doing his part to make OPEC rich… Clarkson, like his show, is fantasy and folly, but it sure brings in the ratings and is making Clarkson fat and happy. I suppose if the UK has their version of a Red Neck, Clarkson would be their Poster Child. He is a bigot, narrow minded and a pig in his own right.

  111. Will Says:

    Im From Britain….. Jeremy Clarkson owns! But he tries to isnult everyone.. not just from his conutry but people who aren’t from exactly from where he Lives… Just so you know i live in norfolk (In England) He says pretty bad hings about that now and again!

  112. NellieWilson Says:

    I love it when JC says things about Americans. They are funny. Top Gear is my favorite show and I am from Texas. More American than America.
    If Jeremy hates the US so much why is always over here?
    Keep it Jeremy!

  113. lorraine robinson Says:

    I can say that after more than a decade here, I have met my fair share of ignorant minds. If we are perceived as stupid then people here should be careful not to lower themselves to our “so-called” level because every time I meet someone who assumes and judges what my life was like back in the US, I laugh. Stop assuming that you know 300 million of us, you don’t! Your ignorance at times comes through your arrogance and as hard as you try to hide it, it’s there. And stop using Bush as an excuse for your prejudice. Millions of us never even voted for him. I also am anti war – Iraq was and is wrong but the UK has killed many muslims – and oh, Africans, Native Americans and many more. We should all get off our high horse and be more humble AND REALISTIC before we point the finger.

  114. Top Gear: Jeremy talks about Sport Utility Vehicles « Top Gear Videos Blog Says:

    [...] Gleeful Gecko » Blog Archive » Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who … [...]

  115. But the thing is... Says:

    , he is right. I totally agree with him about America IN GENERAL. The UK is pretty sh*tty too nowadays, but America has really gone down hill. You have to admit…

    I can even see that on Xbox live. You might think ‘Well Xbox live isn’t exactly a scientific way of judging how ‘good’ a country is’, but all they talk about is being in a large ****hole and that further takes the ******* ****. Anyway **** *** for now byeee

  116. A.Noni.Mouse Says:

    Seriously, who cares? It’s a freaking TV show. I’m American, I watch Top Gear, I enjoy the show, and I could not care less what Jeremy Clarkson thinks of my country.

  117. Emily Says:

    What is really amazing is that folks have been posting on this thread for 3 years.

  118. Brett Says:

    Clarkson is the gift that keeps on giving Emily.

  119. cliff Says:

    I am from the UK, as for Clarkson he was good on earlier shows and used to drive all models, not so much the FAST machines that he loves. I agree he talks none sense half the time, with some good in between. I,m suprised he gets away with his wit it,s very insulting to the USA people and of other countries, we all make mistakes and have problems, but I think jeremy likes to exploit his ego too much on T.V. he likes to compare cars with other foreign models, this is impossible as every car has its own identification, costs etc. I don,t why politics are involed(dangerous road to be on!) We are all proud of our nations in our own way, well I hope most people..I guess some people let off steam here, strangely JC gets away with it, joke or not! I think JC is really funny at times, but ruins it with comments that offend other folk, which spoils the show! I would enjoy a show down to pure and thorough nothing but car show, rather some of the garbage shown on some shows from JC.

  120. cliff Says:

    very sorry about grammar and spelling.

  121. thebeast Says:

    Alright well I was just watching a documentary on speed, and it featured eric bana and his 1974 ford falcon, and clarksons comments were just outrageous and dumb. He smashed talked about our cars and said how bad they were. By the comments he made he obviously doesn’t know shit about cars.
    Sorry for grammar I’m on my phone

  122. Clarkson eats shitbags. Says:

    Jeremy Clarkson sucks ass. Plain and simple. Thanks to his “framing” the exotics as a “European Aristocracy”, my life time favorites have changed. From Lamborghini and Bugatti to American anything. “Don’t need it if aint American” is now my motto. Give me a SSC or GT40 any day. Ironically, Jeremy ended up buying a GT40 for his own personal exotic. What a hipocritic dill weed. Btw, tell the queen of your “Exotic European Aristocracy” to use Jeremy Clarkson instead of her regular douchse, he’s better for her cum filled whore cunny.

  123. Trevor Williams Says:

    Most Brits regard Jeremy Clarkson’s predictable, knuckle dragging persona as a waste of a TV screen. Hopefully, most Americans don’t feel the same and Clarkson will be tempted to move to the US permanently. My apologies to those of you who don’t believe immigration should stretch that far, but, unfortunately, we are no longer able to deport such undesirables to the colonies and the only other reasonable option we have is euthanasia.

  124. John Says:

    Clarkson thinks the same about everything and everyone. He doesn’t discriminate.

  125. Al Says:

    Clarkson support: Get bent. Clarkson thinks all American’s are fat? He’s a fat tub of lard with a bald spot on his head. I could bench press him, you, and your momma at the same time. He can hardly get any American on his show so that’s probably why he’s pissed off and mouths off. One thing we make really well here are tanks, helicopters, planes, and missiles.

  126. Al Says:

    It’s not just Clarkson; his wife is a complete cunt too. In one of his reviews, he admits his wife hates anything American. (obviously, except for the tv licensing revenues from the viewing American public). Ordinarily, I love Brits, but this is one you can keep on your side of the pond.

  127. Douche Kit Doreen Says:

    Lewis Hamilton is such a bad example for behaving so badly behind the wheel of that Mercedes. But he must have been really charged up after setting the fastest time in practice for the Australian Grand prix. He should have kept off the highway and gone home to bed.

  128. Redder Says:

    Clarkson is what he is, loud and annoying. I bet no-one agrees with every single thing he says simply because he has very narrow views on everything. But he is funny to watch and without his crazy ideas he wouldn’t be as funny. Personally my favourite is James May simply because he is the most down to earth (and technically minded) of the three. Hammond is to full of himself and vain which the other two point out with glee. Are all American cars crap? Obviously not, that would be an astonishing feat and even the top gear presenters acknowledge that there are quite a few cars built in America that they like (Viper, Corvette, new Charger, Hummer H2, GT, CTS, Mustang). But they do have a tendency to by overly pro British in terms of car choices (Land Rovers, Austin Martins, Jags etc), but guess what they are British so what do you expect.

    They rip on everyone including Brits, hey even on each other but that’s what makes the show so fun and appealing, it’s three middled-aged friends arguing over stupid things. None of them are perfect and it wouldn’t work if they were.

    I am not American, I am not British, I’m Irish. Top Gear is a great show (except the celebrity bit) I have no reason to side with either the Brits or the Americans on this, I know people from both countries I don’t understand why you both seem to have a need to one up each other. Both countries have done some great and horrible things in equal measure so what’s the point in all this? Example “all American cars are crap” well the simple reply to that is Britain doesn’t have much of a car industry any more because they were so bad. And hey as I’ve said I’m Irish we are most well known for being drunks and poets and to be frank that’s not too much.

    So relax and stop getting so worked up if someone doesn’t like you, it’s nothing new. The world is full of idiots and asses and I’m fairly sure that they are evenly dispersed across the globe (hey I might even be one). This whole addiction to becoming outraged over the slightest remark is pathetic in my eyes, how insecure can a person be to moan about hurt feelings when someone they don’t even know (and so knows that this person doesn’t know them either) says something bad about them. Why do you care? Every county/culture has it’s flaws Britain for example is stuck in the past, Ireland is still in love with the rogue (lazy crocked politicians) and America seems to think it’s better than everyone else which of course p***** off everyone else (no-one likes a superiority complex). Yes the USA has the best military and more money than everyone else (although I think China may have claim to that now) but the USA also treats its poor like s**t.

    So nobodies perfect just like Clarkson although he maybe less perfect than most. I kind of trailed off there on the original subject but I was just trying to point out that we all need to stop thinking that we are perfect or that this is a black and white/good and evil world and embrace the greyness of it all. Realise that we are all imperfect and that we should all just relax.

    Alfa driver, Wicklow, Ireland

  129. Pirate Says:

    What people are forgetting is that Clarkson is an out of touch celeb.
    He earns shed loads of money. He has recently said that the people who have been stranded by the Icelandic volcano eruption are whingers because they couldn’t get home.
    Jeremy claimed it was easy, all you have to do is board a few ferries & then get a few lifts.

    That is fine if YOU ARE RICH & A KNOWN FACE on the telly

    The guy should really be a politician. Piss off Clarkson you silver spooned twat!

  130. sam Says:

    haha you americans cant face the truth behind the fat the surrounds your eyes, im australian and i think wat the british is saying is all true about americans you dont think be for you guys act, the only resonable americans that know wat reality is the celbrities and the musians that use their talents which arent their hand when eating some fatty food, they sing about realtiy and show it, america is the fattest country in the world and when us australians see reality votage shot on tv over there all you see is fat people its quiet gross actually

  131. Derick Call Says:

    BROAD SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS ARE ALWAYS WRONG!. Every country , or any group of people for that matter is a collection of individuals not a collective sharing one mind or set of opinions. Clarkson is wrong to generalize a whole country and anyone else generalizing american or brits or anyone else in this long twisted line of discussion is wrong. I like top gear and most of the time I like clarkson but he was way out of bounds calling an entire country fat and atupid and rude. Im sure that any well educated person from any country could make a compelling argument about why their country is great but also any well educated person would also know that no two people are alike, let alone, an entire country. Either clarkson is an Idiot or he really is just trying to breed hate. I could go on and on but why bother its never going to change anyones opinion so I don’t even know why I posted this but I had to say something their has been so much ignorance spewed here (not every post) I had to throw in some common sense.

  132. Michael (Brit Cit) Says:

    Jeremy Clarkson is an uneducated ignorant bigot. He seems to slag off the Americans, their way of life and vehicles, just for the sake of it. He is the sort of big-mouther boor that one sometimes overhears a few seats away in the pub, pontificating at the top of his voice just for the sake of it. Sack him from TG and get someone else. THE MAN IS A WANKER (First Class – VD and Scar).

  133. Rob Says:

    What nobody realizes is, what do American cars have to do with it at all? Nobody buys american cars anymore, not even americans, they all drive german or japanese, Because BOTH British and American cars are shit. Even Aston Martins and Bentleys are built by Belgians and Germans. What is this argument even for anyway? Don’t take it so personally, they lost the revolutionary war to some nine of us Americans. That’s why they’re sour. Clarkson is a nobody in America. and just about every major TV presenter in the US has an exponentially higher salary than Clarkson, also possibly why he’s so sour towards us. But all in all, the Brits know we could take everything from them in one fell swoop if we wished to do so. Don’t be sore, to me it’s a joke.

  134. Rob Says:

    Might I also remind you to those who would like to throw insults towards american cars, British Leyland? They were too lazy to build them at all, let alone properly

  135. Rob Says:

    And Sam, to you all i can say is that you are an idiot because American reality tv shows ARENT REALITY obviously. Fat people aren’t used because nobody would watch

  136. I love top gear Says:

    Hi there keyboard warriors! i love top gear! and no matter what you people say to JC! I am always love his shows.

  137. Banastre Tarleton Says:

    American’s seem to be getting off on the fact that Clarkson is a nobody in the US. Don’t worry, there are plenty of American’s that are nobodies in the UK. As if being famous in the USA is the apex of life.

    As for US presenters earning more than Clarkson? Well, have a look at Clarkson’s gaff on google earth, and as we know, house prices are a lot higher in the UK than they are in the US. yank presenters must be on a high salary because the last report to come out in England regarding high earners put Clarkson on £1m per show. Yeah, thats one million pound sterling for the hour you see on a sunday night. Thats $1.5 million dollars.

    Whats interesting about this debate is that it brings out all the yank idiots who seem to think they are Irish and Scottish. Im quater Irish, im half Scottish, blah blah blah. You’re not quater or half anything. You’re 100% American. Although we do understand your desperation to cling on to any kind of history or heritage, especially coming from a country that invents a hero figure in Uncle Sam, eats processed plastic cheese, ceated Disney World, drinks in fake Irish pubs and used to be a colony for European powers.

    Whoever said Clarkson is left-wing could not be further from the truth. The fella is as right-wing as you can get without being an extremist.
    And to the bloke who said Clarkson should be more thankful to American air men in WWII, would that be the air men from the country that refused to enter WWII until it was attacked, refused to loan the UK ships until the UK agreed to loaning the US 12 of it’s Army bases around the world rent free for 60 years, made the UK pay back (with extortionate interest) all WWII payments (only finished repaying in 2006), made the UK open up compeition for export and trade in Asia. All before the USA turned up in Europe when WWII was nearly over.

    As for the original point to why you yanks are getting upset. Why are you getting upset? Your cars are crap, your food is terrible, your country is Mickey Mouse and many Americans are extremely obese.

  138. WhoCares Says:

    Banastre, I don’t even know where to begin with you. It would take more time than I have right now to tear your illogical post to shreds so I’ll just address your last “paragraph”. First off, I’ll agree that American cars are crap. My last car was a Toyota and my current cars is a BMW, and I don’t plan on buying domestic any time soon. Now, all of our food is terrible? Come on now, that’s just your opinion. If you’re going to spend so much time looking up information online to bolster the frankly weak argument you made above, you should at least back up your closing paragraph with some empirical evidence. I love Italian and Mexican food but American food has its merits too. Maybe it isn’t as unique and instantly recognizable as other kinds of cuisine but there are without a doubt some good American dishes. I don’t like Chinese food very much, but if I’m going to try to insult their country for some extremely idiotic reason, I won’t end my argument with “oh yeah, I think soy sauce is gross!”. That’s just plain stupid. And God knows if an American can plainly see how stupid you are, you’re definitely not one to be talking.

    Now to the Mickey Mouse comment…really? Does anything have to be said to point out just how utterly stupid and irrelevant of a comment that was? I almost feel bad for correcting someone such as yourself with obvious learning disabilities, but someone has to do it, so it might as well be me. A comment like that, of such staggering borderline retardation, could only be rivaled by something like “Great Britain is Spice Girls”. See, that makes no sense, does it? Oh God, I’m afraid that after writing that I might need to have my mom but a bicycle helmet on me so I can join you on the short bus.

    And finally, many Americans are obese. Hooray you can make sweeping generalizations, good for you! I can also say that many Brits are extremely boring, elitist, pompous, tea sipping, crumpet munching, wimpy old white men with bowler hats. But everyone that isn’t an ignorant idiot knows that isn’t an accurate representation of the British people, in the same way that any moderately intelligent person knows not all Americans are fat rednecks. That’s probably what I find most amusing about stupid comments that people such as yourself make about America. You claim all Americans are ignorant and stupid, yet your own ignorance is what gave you those ideas in the first place.

    I now declare you OWNED.

  139. Edward Says:

    I don’t think he hates the U.S. I think is just part of the show to make fun of the U.S. in the same way Americans make fun of Canadians sometimes. Once in a while it gets out of hand and it’s almost like he is jealous haha! Maybe he is the one who wants to be American not Richard Hammon. There are lo t of problems in Europe and in he is picking on fat people and stupid crap, who cares! Also he defends his stupid Aston Martin and TVR and all the crap that comes from England while many Americans talk crap about their own auto industry maybe we should learn to take care of our own interests and give a chance to GM or Ford, there has been a lot of improvements in the past 3 years.
    Although there are a lot of American haters out there who follow Clarkson, I think they are just jealous. I grew up in South America, now I’m American. Everything in the news over there is to talk crap about the U.S. I think is quiet simple, jealousy. There are a lot of countries with problems, why don’t you talk crap about Somalia or Haiti. And when there is a hurricane or an earthquake guess who is one of the first ones sending you help? the U.S.

  140. Top Gear America | Says:

    [...] It will be nice to watch the show sans the American bashing pompous tool, Jeremy Clarkson. [...]

  141. luka Says:

    Clarkson is an idiot and for simple British is an idol. Is clever but he is just a simple asshole. He behaves like this not ones and not only about US

  142. Eric Says:

    Jeremy Clarkson is most certainly an American hating biggot. That’s not even up for debate. I have a strong feeling that JC is going to die via a bullet to the head. He’s lucky it hasn’t happen already.

    But yeah he should be removed from TG A.S.A.P. It’s bad enough that he’s a steaming pile as a human being but he knows absolutely dick about cars. All he does is misinform the ignorant.

  143. Chris Says:

    He can probably spell ‘bigot’, though.

  144. will842 Says:

    Maybe this whole discussion should be a lesson about generalizations. They are never completely true. The American government is a broken mess and has been from the beginning. Many Americans hate the things our elected officials have done. Personally, I do find many Americans to be obnoxious and ignorant. They tend to be the ones who are seen on television and in the news. BTW I’m American. I certainly agree that we take ourselves too seriously. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and get a sense of humor. Jeremy is just one man. He can think whatever he wants. No one ever said he was some enlightened genius.

  145. rob Says:

    Ease it off guys. Clarkson might be rude but he usually does have a point. The way he talks is just the british way. British humor is intelligent use of english (let’s be honest, its something most americans can’t do), hyperbole, simile and stereotypes. Infact I’m a big fan of british humor (or humour for my english friends), and I cock about similarly with my friends. And if you say americans aren’t rude, that is utter rubish because I know since I am brown skinned and south asian and I get coments like “oh so you’re indian? Does your dad work for the taliban? Hahah.” That clearly underlines the ignorance and rudenes of the american public.

  146. Derek Says:

    Why should anyone in the USA care what some rotten tooth, fish & chips eating Red Belly has to say about the USA? They have dragged us into the European wars more times than they should admit and JUST finished paying their debt in 2006 for us saving them from speaking Kraut. Jeremy can drive all the $200,000 English luxury boxes that “Go around the bend fast” that he wishes. England manufactures less cars in a year the the USA does in a month. The UK could not keep up with the needs of our Nation on their best days. Their machines were complete junk until foreign auto builders moved in. Lucas electronics and overheating tinker toys are the TRUE legacy of British autos. While Jeremy drives one of the 800 or so Quarter Million Dollar machines Briton Builds the few… the rest of us who live in the REAL WORLD, with traffic lights, Stop Signs, speed limits and long, flat perfectly smooth freeways with drive our big, comfy American Cruisers and love every minute of it. The UK equals roughly the land mass and population of Georgia and Pennsylvania just two of our Mid Sized States. If they had a REAL Nation that sprawls from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and from the Tropics in Florida to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. they would have a right or perhaps even some understanding of what REAL Nations must deal with. But in truth, they are a tiny island who has lost nearly every single Colonial Land they invaded and made slaves of in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries… they are the past… they are NOTHING but crown worshiping, rotten tooth fools.

  147. Bill Spangler Says:

    Jermey is an opp. I heard him say He dosnt like anything american at all (that was on Top Gear) which I like. As A Doc. man He is great. His Opions about American cars and roads are BS. He’s always in Cal. Ar. Ect. never te East states. The Apps: com there if you want some crazy ass roads.

  148. TopGear fan Says:

    I am a fan of top gear but JC’s childish ranting or humor (depending on which side of the coin you are on) gets old pretty quickly. That is why I don’t bother watching his dvd’s anymore, without RH and JM he is just too much.

    He is an entertainer of sorts, gets attention and viewers by being outlandish, making asinine statements and just ranting for the sake of it. So while it can be a bit much no matter who he is bashing you sort of have to take it with a grain of salt. Who knows what he truly feels and to be honest, I could care less about his opinions on foreign policy, society or culture.

    I watch top gear because of the great automobiles, the funny challenges and because it is entertaining when they are going on about cars.

  149. TopGear fan Says:

    I watched the good, the bad, the ugly dvd and he is pretty off in the comparison of vehicles that are supposed to be similar but then again he has a target audience and I would venture to say that the American public was not one and that could account for the reason why the program was so outlandish.

    Calling a new Chrysler a muscle car though…I truly hope he was not serious there or he would look but the fool.

  150. David Says:

    I have been watching Top Gear since it has been introduced to Netflix. I really enjoy the show and I enjoyed all of the presenters on Top Gear. As I watched more and more episodes, I began to notice hateful comments towards the United States. At first it was like a little pin prick. Then I found that I became increasingly offended by what he was saying about my country. My father was born in England. He came here when he was 7 with my grandmother. My grandfather was bomber pilot flying missions over England to protect their wonderful nation when he met my grandmother. He eventually brought my grandmother to the United States. My father was born in Corby, England. Jeremy seems to believe the United States consist of the southern states. He refers to Europe as the civilized world. I do not like being lumped up with the few southern Americans he has come across. I also believe that the United States has produced some vehicles that were not of the best quality. Lately, however, I feel that the vehicles from Ford and GM have been increasing in quality and I am rather proud of the latest vehicles being produced. As said in some recent posts, I try to take Jeremy with a grain of salt. I dont know if he really feels the way we think he feels about the United States. He may act this way for ratings or he may really feel that way about our great nation. One thing I can say for sure is that I find it increasingly hard to watch Top Gear, especially after reading some of posts by the British people here. As for Rob, I do find that the comments made to you were about your skin color or race to be in bad taste. I hope that you do understand that not all Americans feel this way and again, please do not let a few rotten apples spoil the bunch. Most of us are of mixed decent and are not racist, cheeseburger eating gluttons. Again, my father is English and Polish. My mother is Puerto Rican. My wife is Vietnamese. And my children will be a mixture of all. I think that Jeremy fails to see the bigger picture of what being a United States Citizen really is. We are a great nation of mixed decent. This country has produced some of the most amazing people to ever walk this planet. No one can deny the greatness of this nation if you have studied history properly.

  151. Marcel Says:

    He’s comments about America is humor and sarcasm.
    It are just jokes like most other things he says. For instance when he said striking government workers had to be shot or mocking everything that is ‘green’.
    Things he says in Top Gear is mainly as a comedian so should not be taken serious.

    He makes jokes about American cars but he does own a Ford GT. So he is NOT against American cars.

    @Clarkson support
    You are poorly informed about Afghanistan.

    The US never supplied weapons to the Taliban. The Taliban has Russian weapons. AK-47, RPG-7, RPK, Strela etc. Maybe a few Mujahadeen Stingers found their ways in Taliban hands.
    When still in charge of the country the Taliban had T-62, T-55 and PT-76 tanks, BMP-1 and BTR-60, BTR-70 armored vehicles, BM-27, BM-21, FROG-7 and SCUD artillery, ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft vehicles, Mi-24, Mi-4 and Mi-8 helicopters, SU-22, MiG-23 and MiG-21 fighters. All Russian.

    There was support for the Muhahadeen fighting the Soviets which included Stinger missiles. The Taliban did not exist back then.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Mujahadeen got supported just like the allies supported the USSR during WW2 (despite Stalin being at least just as bad as Hitler).

    After the Soviets left the Mujahadeen split up and started to fight each other for power. New groups that formed out of the Mujahadeed were the Taliban and the Northern alliance.
    Mujahadeen that were supported ended up with both Taliban as well as the Northern Alliance.

  152. GoneSouth Says:

    I think it’s pretty interesting that I just recently looked into this topic,because from what I’ve seen,it made me wonder why Clarkson hates America.It still seems pretty evident,reruns or new.
    What I think is really amazing though,is that reading through the posts you see repeated claims that it’s OK to hate America because,among other reasons,Americans aren’t as tolerant of different races as other nationalities.And,that’s absurd.That would require us to all be of the same race.And we’re certainly not.
    But,for those few from the UK,Australia,wherever,who claimed this let me ask you something.Did you notice that just a couple months after this discussion started,Americans elected a black president?
    Tell us all,who was the first black PM of England? Or Australia? Canada maybe?
    And who was the first black PM re-elected in those countries?
    It’s easy to make claims,now back them up.I’m pretty sure that their own Chromatophobia (made that up,but you get the point) hasn’t allowed any country on Earth with a caucasian majority,other than America,to elect a black leader.
    For the other doofus who claimed that Clarkson was paid £1M per show,in 2010,as of 2012 his salary was still only £3M per SEASON,not per show.He gets merchandizing bonuses because he owns part of the company that controls the licensing,but that’s not salary,and it changes every year.
    Feel free to compare that to what the 6 main characters on Friends made,$750,000 per show in the 7th & 8th seasons,and $1M per show for the 9th & 10th.The show ended in 2004,what Lord Clarkson was making 8-12 years ago didn’t begin to compare with any of them.
    And by the way,Banastre Tarleton,all of them could have called Clarkson fat and would have laughed at his gnarly fangs.You too.
    So,you have a problem with when the U.S. entered yet another of your messes?Ever consider that unlike Britain,we had a significant population of German,Italian and Japanese immigrants.It’s a bit harder for a country that’s been allowing all comers to enter for centuries than it is for an island with 1 overwhelmingly large racial makeup.
    The war was almost over? Doubtful. But regardless let me ask you Mr. Might Warrior,where the Hell was our help from you Brits. between May 8th and Aug. 14th?Maybe you weren’t aware,but the U.S. fought a 2 theater war with no help from you.Australia,New Zealand even India managed to help us in the Pacific but you tough guys apparently had no compasses that pointed west.
    Thanks for nothing Sport.We did quite well without you for centuries,and we have little need of you now.We,your former unwanted misfits,penal colony castoffs,Hell your former slaves,don’t need your help these days.

  153. Saik Says:

    Tehe! Clarkson is awesome! He always gets in trouble for saying what everyone’s thinking!
    Without opening up the wounds that everyone else is, i’d just like to say that america has too much of an opinion of itself to find clarkson funny. But if they watched topgear USA they’d be like “wtf are these assholes trying to pull.. gtf off of my tv”, whereas topgear UK is something that even my girlfriend (who doesn’t like cars at all) will watch! Clarkson is entertaining and charming, and it’s pretty easy for people as fanatically “patriotic” as americans to be offended by things that were clearly jokes, not only because they don’t understand, but because they’re far too defensive. Ah haha! Now get angry at me while I ignore further retorts :P

  154. Saik Says:

    Hahaha I was just picking apart the comment above mine, but it became an essay. The US is no haven for anyone other than rich people or white, christian men haha! You’re just so full of it that you can’t even tell! I bet you live in a gated community and have servants or something- I bet this is what you’re calling your multi-racial make up haha!
    And you’re whinging about the pacifc war as well and not getting help.. haha! You bounced into that war late, and then started war with japan so you could effing nuke them! AND YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED! That’s why you got so involved in vietnam and korea! You’re just so happy to overlook the facts for the good of ‘MERICA and it’s funny! I wouldn’t have even bothered going into this had I not burst out laughing at some of it! The line-by-line pick-apart was funny though, you just make absolutely no sense because you base your facts on propaganda and unfounded rumours, but then again, that’s how you get anywhere in the US! Make stuff up, make other people believe it, dodge tax, blame an ethnic minority, take money from poor, sick, dying and stupid people, and then tell the rest of the world about how good you are! Ah haaa! Clarkson doesn’t hate america, but I’m pretty sure he hates most americans… like the rest of the world!

  155. ARI Says:

    JC has a massive inferiority complex and unhealty obsession with the US like most of the Brits I might add..Britain today is a second rate country, completely irrelevant and insignificant and far behind the US in almost everything and it hurts feelings obviously.. American cars are junk ?? Americans build cars im accordance with their peoples expectations no more and no less..And what about the mass produced cars in Britain?? they were crap,piece of junk until japs and Germans came and showed these lazy,unproductive and in efficient limeys how to make good cars.
    JC is a clown, a showman like Jay Leno or something and anything he says about cars is as worthless as a toilet paper. If he says for a car bad other than the British cars of course , pls go and buy it.

    Britains claim to greatness was the vampire state’s ability to suck the blood off of other nations through colonialism. Since then end of blatant colonialism, Britain has struggled to re-invent herself, and have failed repeatedly and sometimes miserably . Today, the nation has nothing that it calls its own culturally or economically. 90% of its car industry owned by foreigners and poor JC has come psychological problems with this.

  156. ARI Says:

    Top gears British audiance must have an average IQ far below 90 ..You look at their faces you will immediately see this. Because nobody in his or her right mind would go there and listen to the Bullsh..t that this jingoistic idiot says.
    They call the Americans FAT ?? LOL…Just read a British newspaper few days ago with the headline .. THE BRITISH WOMAN IS THE FATTEST IN EUROPE ..HAHAH.
    just google Battle of France and Dunkirk/Dunkerque and its clear that Britain lost and pussied out…they retreated forces to England and left France hanging high and dry! what great allies! they then continue to talk shit and rewrite history! masters of chicanery!..ever visited WW2 memorials in England? I have…America saved them in ww2 and contributed the most..England barely held on…and THAT IS THE TRUTH! They do not like to be reminded of the fact that “their former upstart colony had to save their bacon. When people need help, whether it be money, or actually help, they usually end up resenting the fact and even hate you ….

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