Poor Organization At Heathrow, What Else Is New?

Had an interesting flight home yesterday, the flight itself was fine, late but not horribly so, but the scene when we arrived at Heathrow Terminal Four was best described as chaotic. The English, good love them, love to stand in line so they were forming lines in front of some new barrier tents, but nobody knew what they were lining up for. The tents were set up in one of the three drop off lanes for passengers, we were lining up in another which meant the third lane was a complete stand still backing up traffic quite aways and helping lead to more chaos.Because people were coming from all directions there were new lines springing up from each direction and lots of arguing about ‘queue jumping’ or line cutting with tempers flaring all over the place.Heathrow Line. There were no Heathrow staff where the lines were forming up, there was a lone staffer in the breaks between the tent barriers directing the damned into the tents while letting the innocent go through. There was a lone lady handing out fliers on what was going on, but she never got near me in the half an hour I was in line. My best guess is that they were only letting people through that had tickets to a flight within a reasonable time, by the time I got the damnation screener I was let right in, at that point I was about two hours and fifteen minutes before my scheduled flight time.Milling About In Confusion The poor damnation screener was having a rough time, the people he damned were sent into a tent to await their flight being called out. They may have been calling them out, but I only heard one flight called in the half an hour I was in line.

Once inside I heard the fate of those whose flights were messed up the day before, one woman was sobbing to lady directing a check in line that her family had been in line for six and a half hours and this was at ten am. All I could do was say ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ and head in to my flight. Who says the romance of flying is dead? Heathrow does random mindless security theater better than any place in the world.

3 thoughts on “Poor Organization At Heathrow, What Else Is New?”

  1. Good thing they didn’t catch you. Trying to SURREPTITIOUSLY take photographs. That’s like what, life imprisonment in Guantanamo? (What, me cycnical lately?)

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