Good Noises: Vampire Beach Babes

The Vampire Beach Babes are a nearly perfect band for the Halloween season, they are fun, talented and smart and their sound is a glorious mix of campy goth rock and surf music. Their first album is Reckless Summer and it is the most ‘surfy’ of the bunch with almost all the songs sounding like a Munsters meet the Ventures album. The second album Attack of the Killer Bikinis is fun sounding, but missing from the official site so I suspect the band didn’t like it much.

The most recent album is Beach Blanket Bedlam and it is the most polished sounding of three but while the lyrics are good the surf has been toned down for most of the songs leaving a kind of lite goth vibe to them, still a good album but the ballads like When You Cry or Waves don’t do anything for me really. Bedlam does still have some good surf rockers, with my favorite being Droppin’ da Curl and on the songs where they do go surf they really do sound tight. I got the first and third albums from CDBaby, the second I only have samples from the band’s site before the site was reworked recently. The band’s site mentions a new album due any day now, I will pick it up when it comes out and see if the band pulls more towards angst ballads or surf jams. Vampire Beach Babes are well worth a listen and you can download them from CD Baby free from DRM so support a up and coming band and pick up their albums today, or at least before Halloween.

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