Jeremy Clarkson, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By far the most visited post on the site is Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Should We Care?. When I look at how people turn up on the site searches for ‘Jeremy Clarks Sucks’, ‘Jeremy Clarkson is a dick’ and ‘why does jeremy clarkson hate america so’ are always in the search part of my logs. Still America sits and wonders, who the hell is Jeremy Clarkson? Is he somehow connected to Rula Lenska? Well, whoever he is we know one thing, he hates America.

I still think it is because he doesn’t get recognized in the States. In the editorial I commented on originally he was griping because the police wouldn’t just let him do whatever the hell he wants, like he can in the olde country. I am sure the British police would be thrilled by my driving around with a dead cow on my car in the UK, people over there do it all the time. Of course he doesn’t think England is perfect either

Naturally he isn’t shy about expressing his opinions, here he shows that if you talk to a bunch of people on the streets of Vegas you will find some morons worth putting on TV and explains why building cars for the crap roads in the UK makes them better than American cars.

This next one though, sets the standard for pure anti-American bias, all the stereotypes are here and in full form. Funny, I admit, but I know I could do exactly the same thing going through Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham.

So after all that, do we American’s have any better idea of who the hell Jeremy Clarkson is? Nah. Don’t feel too bad however, the only thing he hates more than Americans? Blood Traitors!

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson, The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

  1. Oh man I had a good laugh… WHO IS RULA LENSKA?

    I’m still wondering WHY someone used this woman in a commercial here in the USA? “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…” Hate her because she has an inflated opinion of her looks!!!

    And for Jeremy Clarkson, isn’t he a UK version of a Red Neck? I mean anybody who would classify a group of people (based on an observation of a minority) as “fat, lazy, dumb…” seems like a bigot to me.

    Rula Lenska… proper person to put in the same category as Jeremy! Tally Ho and right-on.

  2. Rula Lenska was speaking for VO5, whereas the “Don’t hate me” campaign was for Pantene. I remember the Rula Lenska commercials, though, and they certainly had us talking about her!
    Meanwhile I thank Brett for introducing me to the concept of Jeremy Clarkson. Hmmmmn, flipping freshly-washed hair vs. wrecking cars, what a choice…

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