Orioles Score Big In Mitchell Report

The Orioles made some offseason noise this week by trading Miguel Tejada to the Houston Astros then having seventeen players show up in the Mitchell Report on steroids use. They were Brian Roberts, Miguel Tejada, Jay Gibbons, Rafael Palmeiro, Larry Bigbie, David Segui, Jack Cust, Jason Grimsley, Jerry Hairston, Tim Laker, Gregg Zaun, Manny Alexander, Kevin Brown, Howie Clark, Todd Williams, Kent Mercker and Gary Matthews Jr. according to the Sun. Given all this cheating, how is it that we have fielded crap team after crap team. The 1890s Orioles cheated like dogs and they were brilliant. Where did the Orioles lose the ability to take advantage of having a bunch of cheaters on the team?

The report is all accusations of course, nobody has been convicted from that list, but it is a really ugly day to be an Orioles fan. Then again, since 1997 when we fired the Manager of the Year who took us to the Championship Series for the AL, there have been many ugly days to be an Orioles fan.

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