Christmas Time – Yay or Bah?

So I was reading Tony Long’s complaints about holiday excess in Wired and I had to pause and ask myself “Self, why don’t you hate Christmas?”

Hmmm. Good questions self, I do hate shopping malls with a passion and the over the top hype of the season really does get old right around the day after Halloween but all and all I really enjoy the holidays, even with all the crap that gets layered on it. I have, as all my friends can tell you, a terrible memory. I used to say I have the memory of a lemur, but the the lemurs complained I was insulting them. I am poor at buying gifts because I frequently forget that it is near someone’s birthday or the like, even when reminded I am probably batting less than .300 on remembering people during the year.

Christmas serves as a reminder to me about how important my friends and family really are to me. I spend the year looking to them for guidance and examples of how to live, Christmas serves as a chance for me to give them back some small token to show that I really appreciate them. It isn’t perfect, my batting average shoots up to around .500 but I still miss people, they either forgive me or spend the year plotting their revenge. I still hate shopping malls, Hell is a shopping mall in the week before Christmas, and I still hate the relentless hype from people who are desperate to sell me stuff this time of year, but I still love Christmas. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Have a Kick Ass Kwanzaa, Enjoy your Solstice, Rock your Festivus and if you celebrate no particular holiday this time of year have a great time anyway you rebel you!

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