Super Villains Inc. Comic Store

This is the boy out in front of Super Villains Inc. Comic Shop in Nottingham, MD. where we celebrated Free Comic Book Day 2008. We got some comics autographed by Jeff Parker, one of our favorite comic writers and I got my hardback of Agents of Atlas signed and a nice sketch put in it as well. Jeff Parker was great with kids and got my son talking, normally he tries to hide when meeting comics pros as his shy side comes out. We both got a healthy pile of free comics and I bought some comics I missed when they came out as well. You can see some of our other photos from the celebration at . How did your Free Comic Book Day go?

2 thoughts on “Super Villains Inc. Comic Store”

  1. You can take the boy out of Nottingham, but you can’t take… well that doesn’t quite fit, but it’s a neat coincedence anyway.

    Glad you celebrated the day in style. We had other things to do, but support you in your lifestyle choice.

  2. Mike: Thanks again for letting me have choice pickings today before the sale this weekend. I appreciate all of your help during my family’s financial crisis. If you have ANY news, please contact me…I don’t want to be a thorn in your side every time I walk in the store. Thanks again. Louie D. (443) 642-9217

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