2 thoughts on “Walter Scott’s Waterloo Flags Found”

  1. Umm…. I admit, the server I’m using won’t let me read the article (but the NZ government has decided your website is OK…), BUT — his house is a museum. How could they have not found it until now? Didn’t they clean up the place before starting tours?

  2. From the Article:

    Jacquie Wright, executive manager of the trust, said: “We were very excited to find the banners. They are very rare.

    “As you can imagine, they have been lying in a cupboard since 1815 rolled up in bits of paper so the material is very fragile.

    “He collected other things, which were on show because he put them on show but these things were actually put away in the cupboard.

    “We would absolutely love to have them on display one day.”

    She added: “It may be that one of the family knew that the banners were there but we had no idea of their existence until just recently when we unravelled them.”

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