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Eurodisney Castle
Pettiness: I was reminded of one more Eurodisney annoyance today, the popcorn. I love popcorn and will eat it darn near anytime, but I want it salted. In Disneyland Resort Paris, they only have it sugared. An entire park filled with popcorn stands whafting the glorious popcorn smell and all of it is unedible. Les Monstres! My next trip to a US disney park I am going to lurk near the popcorn stands and wait for French people to come up. Then I will leap out and and yell ‘Want some sugared popcorn now! Well tough!’ and walk away laughing manically. That’ll show em.

3 thoughts on “One more on Eurodisney”

  1. dude! I think you’re overreacting! Leave the French people alone, they have enough trouble just being French people! (While I can eat sugered popcorn, it is a shame they don’t have regular stuff there!)

  2. Yeah, you are right it isn’t only the French that do popcorn that way, I was just bitter. When I was young we always shopped at Sears. In every Sears they would have a little snack island that was always popping fresh popcorn. The whole store smelled of fresh popcorn and we never left the store without getting popcorn. It was as close to heaven as you found in a shop back then. Anyway, the evil of sugared popcorn is that it smells exactly the same when it is being popped, leading you to think you are close to heaven again, but then NO Arrrrghhhh it is sugared! Eiiaahhhhaaahhhaaa!

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