Advertising, Ack!

I don’t like to post up ads for people who make more in a day than I make in a lifetime but this advertising clip of Hellboy on The Actor’s Studio that they released as a mini ad made me laugh. The new movie may well be terrible, I liked the last one a ton but that isn’t a predictor, but Comic Book Movies has a great page with all these mini ads and most are pretty funny.

4 thoughts on “Advertising, Ack!”

  1. Meh. I’m hyped about the movie, but these ads did nothing for me. I think you have to have some knowledge about the shows being cross promoted for them to work. Good thinking on someone’s part, though. It might draw in fans who wouldn’t know they would like Hellboy otherwise.

  2. The movie rocked, but when the subplot about Hellboy wanting media coverage, (then regretting the exposure) began, I worried we’d have scenes like the Actor’s Studio and such. Glad it was kept to a minimum. They’re cute, but the plot would’ve dragged if the focus had shifted that much.

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