The Undecided Voter Is Getting Tired Of The Snark

Art by LuMaxArt on Flickr
Art by LuMaxArt on Flickr
I am an honest undecided voter in this presidential election. This baffles my friends on both sides of the divide who can’t believe I don’t see what they are seeing so clearly, but honestly I can still see myself voting for either of the major candidates. That said, I am getting tired. I am getting tired of snark from both sides. Snark isn’t going to get me to vote for a candidate, how I think they will do as the president will. I automatically discount anything a partisan of a candidate says that is negative about the other candidate, but I am willing to listen when someone says something positive that I should know about what their candidate is saying (or better yet, something positive they are actually doing).

Since the conventions I have not heard a single thing from either side that is positive about their message, I have only heard snark about their opponents and I am getting tired of it. The cynic in me wonders if it isn’t deliberate, in order to suppress moderate voters from turning out to vote at all. I hope this isn’t true. Anyhow, for those of you who are partisans of one of the candidates, here is my tip, tell me some reason to vote for your candidate that isn’t based on snark or fear of the other guy. I am sorry you are angry that I don’t see it as you do, try talking to me calmly and rationally about what is positive about your candidate, not what I should be afraid of from the other guy. I can learn and there is still time.

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  1. Had dinner at a diner in White Marsh tonight. The couple in front of us were in sports jerseys. The woman’s was pink with the number 08 on it and Palin as the player’s name. Cute and not too obnoxious, but the man was showing his off. Black with the number 0 on it and the name Nosama on the back. A friend of his (real or friend in arms type, I don’t know) was shown the number on the front and name on the back and he said “We don’t see enough of that” to which the man in the jersey agreed. He was a minor celebrity showing the shirt off while we were there. It was snarky, but at least it was amusingly snarky.

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