Household Spirits

Like most homes we have several minor spirits we venerate. The most famous of them is Sockulus, the sock god. He shows his anger when you do not venerate him enough by taking away one sock in a pair. I have a small temple of solo socks near where I do the laundry and sometimes he is pleased by this and returns a wandering sock.

My wife just asked me for a philips head screwdriver. This made me laugh as our house is under a dire curse from Slotulus, the philips head spirit and we can keep no philips heads in our house. I used to have a full tool kit, with a good selection of philips heads. They are all gone now. Over the years I have twice bought sets of just philips head screwdrivers. They are all gone now as well. I am not sure how to appease Slotulus, but this is a tough curse to live under. Tonight when the moon is high I am going to cut the heart from a regular head screw driver in the yard and see if I can placate Slotulus, but until I do I will just laugh when my wife asks if we have any philips heads.

3 thoughts on “Household Spirits”

  1. Good thing she’s a patient wife. We are also visited by the Sock spirit, but the tool spirits have to rifle through both of our toolboxes to make us philips head screwdriver free. Not that other tools don’t wander away…

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