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Orcs at Monster Manual Comix
Orcs at Monster Manual Comix
What’s that? You need old school Dungeons and Dragons comics to help you through the day? You are in luck, I have two for you.

The first is Rich Morris’s Yet Another Fantasy Game Comic. The story starts with the improbable love story a female goblin and a beholder then ranges all over the classic D&D world. The art in this has a rough draft feel to it, but it is a very pro rough draft most of the time. This one can get rude with mild nudity and lots of adult humor, but it never gets anything past a PG-13 or a 1970s R. The story is a long one, the link sends you to the first strip, read a couple a day until you catch up.

The second is Lore Sjöberg’s Monster Manual Comix, which is a pretty good look at the absurdity of the usual D&D monsters. Both comics are funny, but Lore’s is more like a traditional newspaper gag strip without a storyline. Lor’s site has lots of other good stuff spilling over from his gig as Wired’s funny guy.

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