Unintended Consequences and Bad Laws

So the enforcement of the new children’s toy safety law has been put off a year. Good. This was a terrible law and was about to ensure that the only winners were the Chinese, who the law was supposed to protect us from. This was an incredibly poorly written law and was about to have massive effects ranging from banning children from libraries to stopping the sale of handicrafts in America. If you have an email address you probably got a ton of email on this one, I know I did from librarians, from crafters and from toy soldier collectors. The was poorly written and casts a huge net, far beyond any sane limits, now hopefully someone competent will rework it into what it was supposed to be in the first place. I am often annoyed when being emailed about things like this, too often it is someone overreacting, but in this case the more I looked the worse the law looked. As Overlawyered points out, this isn’t over yet but I do hope that everyone that who emailed me keeps the pressure up on Congress to get this one fixed.

Edit to Update:

So apparently the one year delay is meaningless and the new rules take effect any next week. Lets rush through crap legislation then finger point when it explodes all over the marketplace. Thank god we aren’t in a recession or this could really do some damage.

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