Royal Wedding As Seen By Commoners

Less Wedding More Beheading is not meant to be taken literally.I am absolutely disinterested in the Royal Wedding. I have to think a moment before I can tell you who is even getting hitched, and I have only picked that up from media saturation. As an American, I am pleased I don’t have a dog in the fight at all. As an American I find the Monarchy ‘quaint’ and an interesting cultural throw back for the English.

If I were English I like to think I would feel what Simon from the Indelicates feels. I know in practice it doesn’t mean much, but I am happy to be a citizen and not a subject. I love the Indelicates because they are the closest thing to the core of angry rock and roll I have found in a modern band. They just won’t shut up and play nice and I love that.

While reading the rant I came across the first video from the Indelicate’s next album and enjoyed it as well. Check it out below:

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