Saturday Web Comics: Bearmageddon

The Header Banner from BearmageddonThere is no mystery who Ethan Nicolle is pulling for in this year’s Summer of Fear contest, it is bears. To help their chances he has produced the brilliant webcomic, Bearmageddon. It is about Bearmageddon, an apocalypse event for humanity at the hands of Bears. Not just normal bears, these are hopped up nightmare bears, we get a look at an Octobear pretty early on and the logo promises more insane bears as the story develops. Our hero is a young slacker trying to find his place in life who finds himself in the middle of the start of the Bearmageddon. As of the when I write this we are early on, our hero has just survived his first big bear encounter, but the build up has been tense and I suspect we are headed for total insanity before we get off the ride.

I am sure a book is coming but for now his store is just art and t-shirts. You can donate and get a nice wall paper, I have the Octobear on my background but I assure you this will not bias this year’s Summer of Fear contest, I remain open open to other over hyped animals in the news. The strip updates Wednesday and Friday and is a solid PG-13 as bear attacks are rarely neat and tidy affairs. I will be blunt, if you don’t love a fantastically well done comic about a Bearmageddon then I just don’t understand you.

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