America’s Favorite Holiday is Only One Week Away! Free Comic Book Day 2014!

Free Comic Book Day 2013 is May 3rd

Free Comic Book Day is America’s favorite holiday for a reason, well two reasons really, first is the Free part, we American’s love free, and the second is Comic Books! Free Comic Books! There is nothing there that can fail to stir the blood of any patriotic American! If you love America find your local comic book store and head out next Saturday for Free Comic Book Day! There will be comics for kids, comics for teens, comics for adults and comics the elderly. Superheroes, no Superheroes, Drama, Comedy and the just plain weird. You will find something you love, it will be free and you will soar away like an Eagle on the Spirit of America as you leave the shop*. It will be glorious.

* All soaring done at your own risk, offer may not be valid in all locations. Consult your doctor to find out if soaring is for you. Side effects include extreme euphoria and possible plummeting.

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