More Clarkson Sadly

Jeremy Clarkson by tonylanciabeta on Flickr
Jeremy Clarkson by tonylanciabeta on Flickr
So Mr. Clarkson is in the news again sadly. This time he was accused of using a racist nursery rhyme. In the story there he denied it, but later he issued a follow up apology that says he did use the word. Sad. This may be the one that finally catches up to him. When I first posted about Clarkson on this site he was pretty much unknown in America. That was why his rant struck me as so pompous and overblown, but I have never hated him and do think he is a great entertainer. It will be sad if this is how he ends his career.

Click below for his apology and explanation.

this is my statement. on Twitpic

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