Bears, 2014 Summer of Fear Runner Up

Bear Photo by tkant57 on Flickr, Used with Creative Commons Permission.Bears have had a good year this year, but not quite enough to give them the win they were hoping for in this year’s Summer of Fear contest. Still, working way out of their normal Summer of Fear range taking in NJ is very good for spooky bear headlines, even if this is the first bear attack in the state in 150 years.

Back in more familiar turf bears still manage to keep in the headlines, but really this looks more like a case of really bad preparation and common sense.

if I were going to be in an area that has a lot of grizzlies and black bears, number one, I wouldn’t go alone, and number two, I would be carrying bear spray with me.

I missed some summer bear stories as well, but in the end the bears have had a slow year compared to our winner. One bear did however try to eat a car, so they have that going for them.

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