Summer of Fear Champion for 2014 – The Shark!

Shark! Oh Dear God A Shark!A perennial favorite the shark has had a great year in the news. This sadly is very very bad news for the shark indeed. Last winter saw Shark attacks in Hawaii make the news and they have kept coming pretty much all year since. We know the numbers and we are supposedly ration beings, but Sharks are Sharks and they make big news even when they don’t eat anyone at all. I know it is scary as heck, but a busted surf board is just not that big a deal normally, but throw in a shark and WHAM. This is not to say that Sharks do not attack, they do. They bite and when they do you don’t normally just knock back a beer and get on with your day. Sharks even try to eat Sharks. Sharks try to eat the internet. People do die in Shark attacks. The deaths are tragic but our human response is out of scale to the danger and that makes the Shark a possible champion ever year. Congrats Sharks, I hope you don’t get wiped out because humans can’t rationally measure risk.

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