The Onion’s Guide to the 6 Best Companies to Work For

The Onion just nails it with their The 6 Best Companies To Work For. Goldman Sachs sounds awesome!

Though employees at Goldman Sachs work long, demanding hours, they are able to enjoy the unique luxury of having a dedicated 535-person team of U.S. congressmen working around the clock to cater to their every need. Between easing annoying filing requirements, offering discounted tax rates to the company and its highest-earning employees, or just reminding personnel they can do whatever they set their minds to, this army of legislators and federal financial regulators is always available to give Goldman Sachs bankers a pat on the back and help them do what they do best.

One thought on “The Onion’s Guide to the 6 Best Companies to Work For”

  1. That’s not the only industry being given a friendly, helping hand by our elected millionaires! The federal oversight has been hamstrung in mine safety as well: “They point out that K and D’s operators were allowed to continue mining coal even as they racked up delinquent penalty payments year after year without any worry that their business could be interrupted, much less closed.” This is from an article on the fees racked up by certain companies that the feds couldn’t get to pay up, even after courts ordered them to do so. So, the executive branch and the legislative branch have tried, but guess which part of the government think it’s wrong to keep businesses from doing what they do best? Yeah…

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