Today In History: Townsend Acts Passed

June 29th: Today in 1767 the Townsend Acts were passed. This was a broad tax placed on English colonists living in North America and was incredibly unpopular. In 1770 the acts were repealed, except for the tax on tea, which lead to the Boston Tea Party.

7 thoughts on “Today In History: Townsend Acts Passed”

  1. In the history category, I think I heard on NPR this morning that the politically correct sea battle in commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar yesterday did not feature the British versus France and Spain, but rather RED VERSUS BLUE. Mighty suspicious, I’d say.

  2. One thing we know about history is that it must never, never, never be allowed to hurt anyone’s feelings or selfesteem.

  3. Let’s see… on July 28th (I think that’s right) we can discuss the dissuasion of the 1588 fleet of misguided residents of the Iberian Peninsula who, through no fault of their own but certainly due to the coercion of a totalitarian dictator, set out in their ships possibly with the intent to do mischief to some residents of the British Isles. But they didn’t really want to and they felt really bad about it afterwards. It was really just a big misunderstanding. Let’s just drop the whole thing and look at the pretty sea gulls.

  4. Because if I call them “sea gulls” instead of “gulls” David gets on my case. He won’t pay any attention if we argue about history.

  5. I really think that you have to write birds in machine language. Nothing else is fast and light enough to fly.

  6. That may explain why they are sooo stupid, they are straining the processor. Mine! Mine! Mine! takes a lot of CPU.

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