My Life Of Ignorance

I lived my life in complete ignorance that there was such an important thing on this planet as a llama drill team. This is the sort of thing that prevents me from thinking of myself as a ‘know it all’. Perhaps even more amazing is that in this day and age they don’t seem have their own web page, free prize to whoever finds a llama drill team web page. How do they train them? What are the top tips for a llama drill team? The world deserves answers.

Via Metafilter

3 thoughts on “My Life Of Ignorance”

  1. I had never known of this group either, but Charley *had*!! Otoh, he doesn’t recall knowing about the Wyoming Valley Massacre…. 😎

  2. Oh, no – beaten by Maine!!! The Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest MUST have a Llama drill team of their own for 2007.

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