Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Why Should We Care?

Jeremy Clarkson is the host of a popular car show in the UK and he hates America, and American cars. Unlike many, he is quite up front and honest about it, he reeks of contempt for anything American. I suspect this is because while he is a major celebrity in the UK, and thus treated with great deferrence by the lower sorts he bumps into, he is an absolute nobody in the US. Like Robbie Williams before him this has convinced him that the problem is that the US is too stupid to see his genius. Actually I quite enjoy Clarkson’s show, but I still think he is the very definition of a complete and total ass.

Videos Pulled By Youtube
Top Gear is putting up Videos now on Youtube, but they don’t allow embedding.
Here is one that is pretty accurate, but pretty insulting to Americans.

And here is explaining Americans:

American’s don’t need to feel too bad, he hates other foreign cars too as shown below, this car had the audacity to be plebian!

Also see this post for newer Clarkson views

158 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Why Should We Care?”

  1. He’s comments about America is humor and sarcasm.
    It are just jokes like most other things he says. For instance when he said striking government workers had to be shot or mocking everything that is ‘green’.
    Things he says in Top Gear is mainly as a comedian so should not be taken serious.

    He makes jokes about American cars but he does own a Ford GT. So he is NOT against American cars.

    @Clarkson support
    You are poorly informed about Afghanistan.

    The US never supplied weapons to the Taliban. The Taliban has Russian weapons. AK-47, RPG-7, RPK, Strela etc. Maybe a few Mujahadeen Stingers found their ways in Taliban hands.
    When still in charge of the country the Taliban had T-62, T-55 and PT-76 tanks, BMP-1 and BTR-60, BTR-70 armored vehicles, BM-27, BM-21, FROG-7 and SCUD artillery, ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft vehicles, Mi-24, Mi-4 and Mi-8 helicopters, SU-22, MiG-23 and MiG-21 fighters. All Russian.

    There was support for the Muhahadeen fighting the Soviets which included Stinger missiles. The Taliban did not exist back then.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Mujahadeen got supported just like the allies supported the USSR during WW2 (despite Stalin being at least just as bad as Hitler).

    After the Soviets left the Mujahadeen split up and started to fight each other for power. New groups that formed out of the Mujahadeed were the Taliban and the Northern alliance.
    Mujahadeen that were supported ended up with both Taliban as well as the Northern Alliance.

  2. I think it’s pretty interesting that I just recently looked into this topic,because from what I’ve seen,it made me wonder why Clarkson hates America.It still seems pretty evident,reruns or new.
    What I think is really amazing though,is that reading through the posts you see repeated claims that it’s OK to hate America because,among other reasons,Americans aren’t as tolerant of different races as other nationalities.And,that’s absurd.That would require us to all be of the same race.And we’re certainly not.
    But,for those few from the UK,Australia,wherever,who claimed this let me ask you something.Did you notice that just a couple months after this discussion started,Americans elected a black president?
    Tell us all,who was the first black PM of England? Or Australia? Canada maybe?
    And who was the first black PM re-elected in those countries?
    It’s easy to make claims,now back them up.I’m pretty sure that their own Chromatophobia (made that up,but you get the point) hasn’t allowed any country on Earth with a caucasian majority,other than America,to elect a black leader.
    For the other doofus who claimed that Clarkson was paid £1M per show,in 2010,as of 2012 his salary was still only £3M per SEASON,not per show.He gets merchandizing bonuses because he owns part of the company that controls the licensing,but that’s not salary,and it changes every year.
    Feel free to compare that to what the 6 main characters on Friends made,$750,000 per show in the 7th & 8th seasons,and $1M per show for the 9th & 10th.The show ended in 2004,what Lord Clarkson was making 8-12 years ago didn’t begin to compare with any of them.
    And by the way,Banastre Tarleton,all of them could have called Clarkson fat and would have laughed at his gnarly fangs.You too.
    So,you have a problem with when the U.S. entered yet another of your messes?Ever consider that unlike Britain,we had a significant population of German,Italian and Japanese immigrants.It’s a bit harder for a country that’s been allowing all comers to enter for centuries than it is for an island with 1 overwhelmingly large racial makeup.
    The war was almost over? Doubtful. But regardless let me ask you Mr. Might Warrior,where the Hell was our help from you Brits. between May 8th and Aug. 14th?Maybe you weren’t aware,but the U.S. fought a 2 theater war with no help from you.Australia,New Zealand even India managed to help us in the Pacific but you tough guys apparently had no compasses that pointed west.
    Thanks for nothing Sport.We did quite well without you for centuries,and we have little need of you now.We,your former unwanted misfits,penal colony castoffs,Hell your former slaves,don’t need your help these days.

  3. Tehe! Clarkson is awesome! He always gets in trouble for saying what everyone’s thinking!
    Without opening up the wounds that everyone else is, i’d just like to say that america has too much of an opinion of itself to find clarkson funny. But if they watched topgear USA they’d be like “wtf are these assholes trying to pull.. gtf off of my tv”, whereas topgear UK is something that even my girlfriend (who doesn’t like cars at all) will watch! Clarkson is entertaining and charming, and it’s pretty easy for people as fanatically “patriotic” as americans to be offended by things that were clearly jokes, not only because they don’t understand, but because they’re far too defensive. Ah haha! Now get angry at me while I ignore further retorts 😛

  4. Hahaha I was just picking apart the comment above mine, but it became an essay. The US is no haven for anyone other than rich people or white, christian men haha! You’re just so full of it that you can’t even tell! I bet you live in a gated community and have servants or something- I bet this is what you’re calling your multi-racial make up haha!
    And you’re whinging about the pacifc war as well and not getting help.. haha! You bounced into that war late, and then started war with japan so you could effing nuke them! AND YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED! That’s why you got so involved in vietnam and korea! You’re just so happy to overlook the facts for the good of ‘MERICA and it’s funny! I wouldn’t have even bothered going into this had I not burst out laughing at some of it! The line-by-line pick-apart was funny though, you just make absolutely no sense because you base your facts on propaganda and unfounded rumours, but then again, that’s how you get anywhere in the US! Make stuff up, make other people believe it, dodge tax, blame an ethnic minority, take money from poor, sick, dying and stupid people, and then tell the rest of the world about how good you are! Ah haaa! Clarkson doesn’t hate america, but I’m pretty sure he hates most americans… like the rest of the world!

  5. JC has a massive inferiority complex and unhealty obsession with the US like most of the Brits I might add..Britain today is a second rate country, completely irrelevant and insignificant and far behind the US in almost everything and it hurts feelings obviously.. American cars are junk ?? Americans build cars im accordance with their peoples expectations no more and no less..And what about the mass produced cars in Britain?? they were crap,piece of junk until japs and Germans came and showed these lazy,unproductive and in efficient limeys how to make good cars.
    JC is a clown, a showman like Jay Leno or something and anything he says about cars is as worthless as a toilet paper. If he says for a car bad other than the British cars of course , pls go and buy it.

    Britains claim to greatness was the vampire state’s ability to suck the blood off of other nations through colonialism. Since then end of blatant colonialism, Britain has struggled to re-invent herself, and have failed repeatedly and sometimes miserably . Today, the nation has nothing that it calls its own culturally or economically. 90% of its car industry owned by foreigners and poor JC has come psychological problems with this.

  6. Top gears British audiance must have an average IQ far below 90 ..You look at their faces you will immediately see this. Because nobody in his or her right mind would go there and listen to the Bullsh..t that this jingoistic idiot says.
    They call the Americans FAT ?? LOL…Just read a British newspaper few days ago with the headline .. THE BRITISH WOMAN IS THE FATTEST IN EUROPE ..HAHAH.
    just google Battle of France and Dunkirk/Dunkerque and its clear that Britain lost and pussied out…they retreated forces to England and left France hanging high and dry! what great allies! they then continue to talk shit and rewrite history! masters of chicanery!..ever visited WW2 memorials in England? I have…America saved them in ww2 and contributed the most..England barely held on…and THAT IS THE TRUTH! They do not like to be reminded of the fact that “their former upstart colony had to save their bacon. When people need help, whether it be money, or actually help, they usually end up resenting the fact and even hate you ….

  7. Poor whiney yanks. Years later and still pretending you don’t care about Clarkson’s comments even though you’re writing full essays about it in anger. LOL. You’re fat and dumb and can’t drink until you’re 21. Guns are everywhere but kinder eggs are banned, and sex and nudity is frowned upon because the bible belt dictates your country even though you like to believe you’re really the land of the free. And you came into two world wars late after supplying the enemy with weapons then spent the next few decades actually believing you were the sole heroes who joined for the good of the people because of all those phoney war films you believe with draft dodgers like John Wayne. Of course Clarkson hates you. Most people hate yanks. He’s just being honest.

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