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How Low Can We Go!

It has been a hard decade plus three to be an Orioles fan, just when you think you can’t sink any lower, they manage to do it.

Not only are the Orioles the only team in the league without a homer from a first baseman, but the Arizona Diamondbacks (.271), Milwaukee Brewers (.270) and Cincinnati Reds (.263) also all have higher cumulative slugging percentages from their pitching staffs than the Orioles are getting from first base.


Plenty of Shame To Go Around

Bud Selig says A-Rod Shamed The Game. Gee Bud, don’t you think there is plenty of shame to go around here? The commisioner of Baseball ignored the problem, until forced to deal with by Congress. Shame on him. Owners allowed their young employees to poison themselves so that they would be more fun to watch. Shame on them. Other players knew what was going on and kept their mouths shut. Shame on them too. Someone had a sealed document that was supposed to be private and leaked it to Sports Illustrated, who then leaked only one name. Shame on them. Shame on A-Roid, sure, but don’t think that means your hands are clean Mr. Selig. Shame on you.

A Catch Up Post, Squirrel Lite

First up, Wal-Mart has decided to turn off its DRM servers and screw its customers who bought from them. Just like Microsoft did and Yahoo did before them. Tell us again about how DRM is the safe way to buy.

Next up is the great hobby of reenacting. Rule one, only reenact with people who won’t really shoot you. I always thought this was an important rule.

Lastly we have my beloved Orioles who are coming off a truly dreadful season without prospects for much better anytime real soon. In many ways it was a typical season for them, an early hot streak to get the fans excited followed by a complete fade post All Star Game but this year was made worse for me by Tampa Bay doing great and a comment as the fade started by Brian Roberts along the lines of ‘We can’t play every game like a playoff game.’ This is certainly true, baseball’s long season is a marathon not a sprint, however that mindset spoken out loud gave me the impression that nobody was ever playing any game like it was for real so I stopped watching. Worst season for me as a fan ever. Anyhow, the Sun grades the players here, I am harder in my grading on the veterans than they are as I feel a lax attitude from them this year has hurt the many young players the O’s brought up and will slow them down even if they improve.

Edit: Just had to add that Wondermark today sums up my view on the rush to a financial ‘solution’ that the usual idiots are pushing.