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America’s Favorite Holiday is Only One Week Away! Free Comic Book Day 2014!

Free Comic Book Day 2013 is May 3rd

Free Comic Book Day is America’s favorite holiday for a reason, well two reasons really, first is the Free part, we American’s love free, and the second is Comic Books! Free Comic Books! There is nothing there that can fail to stir the blood of any patriotic American! If you love America find your local comic book store and head out next Saturday for Free Comic Book Day! There will be comics for kids, comics for teens, comics for adults and comics the elderly. Superheroes, no Superheroes, Drama, Comedy and the just plain weird. You will find something you love, it will be free and you will soar away like an Eagle on the Spirit of America as you leave the shop*. It will be glorious.

* All soaring done at your own risk, offer may not be valid in all locations. Consult your doctor to find out if soaring is for you. Side effects include extreme euphoria and possible plummeting.


I walked in the DC MS Society walk this weekend to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis and just wanted to post up an inspiration I saw on the walk. A woman with MS who could no longer walk, so she was doing the walk on her scooter. She had a younger lady with her that I assume was her daughter and the two of them always had smiles on their faces, even though they were constantly in trouble on hills far too steep for the scooter, or on trails that the scooter wasn’t meant for. They never quit, they never whined, they just pushed on as far and as fast as they could go. When they hit a down hill the young girl would run behind trying to keep up. They were a team and they were awesome.

In Kurt Vonnegut’s Cats Cradle he describes a perfect pair of people as a duprass, I have no idea how this pair go about their lives normally, but this weekend I looked at them as very good example of what Vonnegut was talking about.

If It Is Friday It Must Be List Day

What could I read tonight? by blu blue at Flickr
What could I read tonight? by blu blue at Flickr
The Guardian has a thought provoking series this week on 1000 novels everyone must read. The list is very UK flavored, not surprising for a UK paper, but it has a lot of good stuff in it and doesn’t miss out much I would have added in the categories I have read the most in like Science Fiction and War and Travel. The category selection itself is very telling, showing how English intellectuals view certain genres. Sadly the search at the Guardian is appalling, so quick checking authors to see where they got placed is tricky, but if you have a few minutes and like books this series is great fun to skim through either to agree or to howl at who was left out.