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Public Use

I am passionate about public domain. It is going away. It is being eroded by our bought out Congress who are constantly giving away extensions of copyright and trademark terms without getting anything for the public back in return. They are betraying us in favor those who give them campaign contributions, understandable, but ultimately unacceptable to me.

Sadly I am a poor public speaker, passionate but unable to congeal my arguments into cohesive form. Luckily for me there are very good speaker who eloquently make my case for me such as Larry Lessig. Below is his speech at the TED conference, about eighteen minutes long and very well done. He doesn’t cover all my arguments, but he does make a nice case and he explains why we can’t just trust the government to fix this mess. His point about having everyone working against the law because the law is just being an ass here is a very good one.

I feel that the inability of the law to apply common sense to copyright is damaging the United States and it will only get worse. I should mention the Electronic Freedom Foundation here, it is one of the organizations I give money to. Give them a look as well. I also post my photos on Flickr and all content on this site under a Creative Commons license and encourage people to do the same. The public domain belongs to all of us, it is our culture, don’t let it slip its loss stifle our nations voice.