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Two Types of Grownups

I often say one of the big problems in DC is the lack of grown ups but following the SOPA/PIPA debate yesterday I realized I have been wrong. DC has grown ups, it just has the wrong kind. I see there being two types of grown ups, the good ones are the ones who take their jobs seriously and get their work done. In DC this would be little things like passing a budget, planning for the country’s future, stuff like that.

The other kind, the kind we have tons of, are the type of grown ups who like to order people around. The anger of the SOPA supporters are people showed they were fed up with the bullshit was telling. ‘Why does America need to follow the Chinese and Iranian Internet censorship plan?! Because I said so!’ No appeal to facts, just bluster. These are a type of grown up we could easily do with less of in DC. Can’t pass a budget but fight like hell to censor the internet? Don’t expect me to be impressed.

Scaling Problems

Patents have a huge scaling problem. The fine folks at Frugal Dad put together a great graphic that demonstrates the issues, but the bottom line is that the patent system couldn’t scale when they allowed concepts to be patented. People have a lot of ideas, many of them may be impractical today, but everyone rushed to patent them anyway. The system is broken. We need adults to come along and fix it again, sadly we don’t elect adults anymore, we prefer zealots of whatever team we are cheering for in the election game. Continue reading Scaling Problems

Lessons In Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

The President signed into law the indefinite detention of US citizens by the US military, he said he has some objections, but signed the law anyway. If he were not lying there is an easy and quick way to end this nonsense. Detain every sponsor of the bill immediately and hold them until the law is revoked.

They are clearly supply lending support to terrorists by gutting the US Constitution and thus undermining the freedoms that the terrorists oppose. By detaining these lawmakers we would send a powerful message to others in the congress to think before they pass laws that grant the government powers with no checks on them. We could set up a web cam so we could watch the detention in a military work camp in North Dakota, it is teachable moment that the President should seize.

Internet Censorship. Bad. I would have thought this was obvious.

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