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Flying Hassles #3184: Flying With Your Nobel Prize

I think we can all relate to this article about the hassles of flying with our Nobel Prizes can’t we? Mind you I would back a Nobel for the person who invents a way to make flying stop feeling going to jail. Still we can all relate to this conversation can’t we?

And they’re like, ‘Uhhhh. Who gave this to you?’
‘The King of Sweden.’
‘Why did he give this to you?’
‘Because I helped discover the expansion rate of the universe was accelerating.’

A Revisit to Airport Security

Ryanair on Airport SecurityRight after 9-11 I flew to the UK and back and there was very heavy security, but nobody minded at all. The risks were still unknown and we all wanted to be safe. Now however we are pretty aware of the risks, ranging as they do from shoe bombs to chemical bombs and the like but airport security seems to getting stupider rather then smarter as time goes on.

Two stories today tell a story of airport security that is rapidly spinning out of control. The first is a story from the Houston Chronicle about how to avoid the security people stealing from you. Not in the third world, but here in the good old US of A. Remember these crooks are the ones we are trusting to keep the bombs out of our planes if they can be bothered when not stealing cigars.

The second story shows how incredible stupidity has come to dominate the whole airport security theater, a flyer at Heathrow wasn’t going to be allowed on a flight because he had a picture of a cartoon robot on his shirt. The threat we were protected from? The robot had a gun.

I want to fly safe, I want people keeping bombs and bad people off my flights, but these idiots and thieves are making a mockery of airport security. We can’t let this go on like this.

UK Airport Wait Times Longer Than Flights

This Telegraph story tells an interesting story about flying in the UK at the moment, the waits at the airports are now longer than the flights themselves for short haul flights. The English folk I work with complain about the brusque treatment they get when arriving in the US, they are not treated as welcomed visitors but as potential terrorists, but I think the UK airports are getting to be worse than the US ones. The US may have them beat on New Jersey Charm but the UK does long lines and senseless bureaucracy better than anyone in the world. The people I feel most sorry for are the ones transferring at Heathrow, they get the lines and hassles but never even get the see the country as a counterbalance.

Poor Organization At Heathrow, What Else Is New?

Had an interesting flight home yesterday, the flight itself was fine, late but not horribly so, but the scene when we arrived at Heathrow Terminal Four was best described as chaotic. The English, good love them, love to stand in line so they were forming lines in front of some new barrier tents, but nobody knew what they were lining up for. The tents were set up in one of the three drop off lanes for passengers, we were lining up in another which meant the third lane was a complete stand still backing up traffic quite aways and helping lead to more chaos. Continue reading Poor Organization At Heathrow, What Else Is New?