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Today In History: Death of Elizabeth I leads to ‘Ill Week’ along the Scottish Border

The death of Queen Elizabeth I on March 24th 1603 led to the start of ‘Ill Week’ which was actually several weeks of looting and burning all along the border between Scotland and England. This was the last gasp of the Border Reivers, bandits who had held the border in fear for over 300 years. With the crowning of James I England and Scotland became one nation and James set about immediately pacifying the borderlands. It took awhile to end the lifestyle of centuries, but the death of Elizabeth led to the long held dream of peace along the border.

Today In History: Frederick Funston leads mission to capture Emilio Aguinaldo

Frederick Funston
was a major figure in the United States colonial war in the Phillipines. As the war became an guerilla war, Funston led a mission to capture the leader of the insurection, Emilio Aguinaldo.

To do this he used a group of 80 loyal Philipinoes disquised as rebels and a group of five American officers disguised as captured American privates. After many days of searching they found Aguinaldo’s compound and entered. Later that night they did a Trojan Horse and captured the camp. You can call is dishonorable, and some did, but it reads like something straight out of a boy’s adventure novel and secured Funston’s brief moment of fame.

Today In History: The Jamestown massacre of 1622

The Jamestown massacre was one of the last chances the native american’s had to try and stem the flow of English settlers into Virginia. The news of the attack was betrayed to the settlers the night before the attack but word could not be sent out to all and nearly a third of the colony died in one mass attack. The best place to stop an amphibious invasion is on the beach head, this event was the last best chance the Powhatan had of doing that. In the end all it did was inflame the colonists to bloody retribution, but this was one of the most easily forgotten near misses in American history.