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What the Wolf Pack Leaves Behind

I fight my instincts everyday to join in the outrage packs that rip people apart daily on the internet, this story explains why. I am not proud to say that I don’t always win that fight and I do admit there are times that the outrage is a force for good. Normally I feel some value to a story when it punches up at real targets, but normally it isn’t real targets. I it some poor schlub that said the wrong thing at the wrong place. I always think about all the wrong things I have said and count my blessings that I was loudest before the internet really caught on. In many ways our society is starting to take some of the most loathsome elements of the Puritan age, brush them off and pretend it has never been tried before.

The Onion’s Guide to the 6 Best Companies to Work For

The Onion just nails it with their The 6 Best Companies To Work For. Goldman Sachs sounds awesome!

Though employees at Goldman Sachs work long, demanding hours, they are able to enjoy the unique luxury of having a dedicated 535-person team of U.S. congressmen working around the clock to cater to their every need. Between easing annoying filing requirements, offering discounted tax rates to the company and its highest-earning employees, or just reminding personnel they can do whatever they set their minds to, this army of legislators and federal financial regulators is always available to give Goldman Sachs bankers a pat on the back and help them do what they do best.