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The Dark Side

At some point George Lucas decided to take the path to the dark side and he has never looked back. He does not care what people think anymore, as long as the money keeps flowing in. Disney normally takes the high road, they are very careful about what they license and while they make a lot off of licensing they at least try not to let out too many products that will poison their magic money spinning machine. Lucas has clearly decided that is not the road for him. The road for him is money, now please. How do I know this? Because this is a real thing.

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NPR on Sliced Up Actors

An excellent article recommended to me by someone who works at NPR on the stylized fighting from Japanese TV and movies. I grew up on Samurai TV shows in Hawaii while others were watching westerns. As I read the article I easily pictured the death falls they describe and I know I have seen Mr. Fukumoto slash people and get slashed hundreds of times. The funny thing is there was a stylized death fall in westerns too, at least until blood squibs changed the game in the sixties, but I can never imagine Hollywood developing a gunshot version of Mr. Fukumoto.