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Evil Geniuses aren’t as fun when they are real.

I am a lifetime Dr. Doom fan. In the comics his actions serve as a great foil for the good guys. I love the whole ‘evil genius’ genre of villians in cartoons and comics. However, when we have the real deal running countries it really isn’t funny or cool, it is just tragic. I am in many ways an old school optimist about the world we live in, I am suprised when I find out that slavery is still practiced in the Sudan and I am horrified to see stories like this one. This guy is just sick.

Just for reference the country is roughly the same size as California with a population of around five million.

Nottingham Nonsense

Nottingham, in a burst of the sort of stupidity that only big American companies used to be capable of have decided that using Robin Hood as a symbol is just too passé. Apparently a purple N is a much better symbol. Now in the someodd fourteen years I have been coming to Nottingham, it has really undergone a really big transformation. It is a much nicer city now, no two ways about it. I remain unconvinced that dropping a symbol known around the world for a useless logo is really going to improve things any further. (Story in the Telegraph)((Story on the BBC)