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Adopt A Word To Save The Language

Save The Words is asking everyone to adopt a word that has fallen into disuse and save it from falling out of the English language. I have adopted Snollygoster, a definition can be found here, which is a word that describes almost everyone in our congress. Anyhow, there are many words without homes, if you can find a place in your heart for a word you can bring home visit the Save The Words site and adopt one today before the snollygosters make it illegal.

The Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association

The Guppies LogoCarol sent me a link to the The Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association the other day and I thought I should share it with you all. Due to unfortunate circumstances the league is down to two teams this year, the The Innsmouth Guppies VS the Dunwich Whippoorwills. I am a bit broke right now or I would be picking up my Innsmouth Guppies fan pack. After the leagues misfortunes I am not sure I will be driving up for any games however. Go Guppies!