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Sites With Heart

I love websites that have a passion for something and aren’t afraid to show it. Sites that tear things down are easy, sites that show you great things you may have missed are much harder. That is why I love Scouting New York. The blog is by a film location scout and his love of the city is clear. He shows us the little details and hidden spots in the city as he finds them and he makes them all interesting. One of my favorite pick me up sites.

2008 Internet Meme Wrap Up

Many of you are probably tired of last year’s big internet meme, Bears in Ill Fitting Hats, but David Malki wants to make sure we wrap it all up properly by telling the stories of the bears themselves. Yes I know they were everywhere and even your Grandmother is making Bears in Ill Fitting Hat references now, but I think it is nice to put a clean end on last year’s big meme.

Orioles Park at Camden Yards

Orioles Park at Camden Yards, originally uploaded by gleefulgecko.

We had the worst trip to and from the stadium last night that you can imagine. The bus had raised their prices and were running less buses then got stuck in traffic on the way in, we barely made the game before the opening pitch despite getting to the bus stop more than an hour before the game. It was appalling. On the way home we got to Greenbelt on the BW Parkway and got in a huge traffic jam. They had closed the Parkway. A horrible night for driving.

The game on the other hand was wonderful. The Orioles won for the second night in a row vs the Yankees, which feels nice even though I know it is April. Charles was paying attention to the game most of the night, he used to get bored pretty early. The weather was perfect. The only way it could be better was if the game had been in August and mattered for the play offs.