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Crocodiles, Summer of Fear Runner Up 2014

There is no argueing that Crocs made a serious run for this year’s Summer of Fear championship. They were in the news with the first Crocodile attack in the US, along with numerous other stories and the Crocs even took a seriously cheeky shot at their competitors. So why do they miss out this year? Well for starters there is a lack of panic and to take the crown you need some panic, that is what Summer of Fear is all about. And then there is this story in which an Aussie shakes off a croc attack then downs a beer and drives himself to the hospital. You have to want it more than that crocs.

Summer of Fear: Crocodile’s Chances Take A Hit With A Fist

The perennial Summer of Fear challenger the Crocodile takes a hit in this story where a man in Zimbabwe beats one up with his fists. The man and the boy he saved both ended up in the hospital, but Crocodiles are going to have a hard time establishing a climate of terror if word gets around that you punch them and get away. Look for the Aussie Crocs to try to eat some drunks to make up for this story.