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Summer of Fear: I think we have a winner!

Shark! Oh Dear God A Shark!Ok, this is true Summer of Fear stuff in this article. Pure hysteria with nobody eaten at all. This summer has been all sharks and bears really, sorry cheetahs, but most of the articles have been pretty straight with hysteria coming into play only at the edges of the article. This article which posits that sharks do in fact swim in the ocean so we must stop allowing people in the water is the sort of article that Summer of Fear was meant to celebrate, that it comes from the masters of Fear at the Daily Mail only makes it sweeter. Besides, as David and Hjalti have pointed out, bears get chased off by purple headed hair dressers, and that is just making it much harder to be afraid of them.

So I think we have a winner for the Summer of Fear 2011, congratulations to the Shark, once again the champion of fear in the news. Better luck next year cheetahs, bears, spiders, leopards, hackers, anteaters, tigers and off course, squirrels.

Summer of Fear: Sharks

Shark! Oh Dear God A Shark!This is a bit late in the year for it, but this is a classic Summer of Fear type story about a man being killed by a shark. Since the victim was a Frenchman and the paper is English the story is more about the English guy who got killed a couple of weeks ago than it was about the recent victim, but it is filled with Summer of Fear shock value.

Since it is the Mail Online you know they will bring the classy and they do with lots of gory details. Don’t miss the classy celebrity stories down the right side bar as well, we all know celebrities are more dangerous than sharks any day of the week.