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I Love England: Part 562: Cheese Rolling 2013

I love England and the English because they steadfastly resist the worst elements of their own culture. Case in point the annual Cheese Roll. It is stupid and dangerous and exactly the sort of thing Health and Safety busybodies feel they absolutely must stop and every year they try. This year they sent not one, but three policemen to the home of the old lady who made the cheese wheels the runners chase to threaten her. Threatening old ladies is specialty of busy bodies everywhere of course because normally they are easy marks. In the end it made no difference, the event went on, was won by a Yank and hopefully it will go on driving the Health and Safety officials crazy forever. I love England.

Ranting of a History Crank

The Real Ruler of DoncasterSo here is a cute little news story about how Doncaster is really part of Scotland due to some shenanigans back in the twelfth century. A nice adorable little news piece that got my blood boiling.

{Begin History Nerd Rant} I think you will find that Rome never released Britannia from the Empire, it said you will have to look after yourself for awhile. Therefore Doncaster isn’t part of the Pictlands at all, it is still part of Rome. {End History Nerd Rant}

Why limit this sort of historical revision to 900 years when there are more valid 1600 year old claims? As a special tie-in, Jeremy Clarkson is from Doncaster, thus making him Italian.