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Real World Adventure Movies

Ok this story has all the elements of an adventure movie, a Czech fugitive in South Africa attacked by remote controlled guns hidden behind a license plate in a car rigged to burn after the attack.

And who might want to kill him? At first, Krejcir reportedly said he didn’t know. Then he said that if he had any theories, he wasn’t saying.

The only thing missing from the story was the mysterious blonde.

Southern Hemisphere Summer Of Fear: Sharks!

Shark! Oh Dear God A Shark!The Summer of Fear season is still going strong on the bottom of the world as sharks make a run for the title. This story is classic Summer of Fear material, check out the picture of the Shark, that is classic red meat. That is no fish, it is a monster! Run for the hills! Wait, this is Australia, the hills are filled with the world’s deadliest spiders! There is nowhere to run!

Stay Home And Let Me Tell You About It

Kilimanjaro from Machame route by Brettocop on FlickrThe Guardian has a classic article in a genre I call Stay At Home And Let Me Tell You About It. This type of article comes around because the world has gotten flatter and people who in the past could never go anywhere very far are now traveling the world. It used to be if you were poor or middle class and interested in the world, you read books about it, now you have a real opportunity to go yourself. Continue reading Stay Home And Let Me Tell You About It