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Jeremy Clarkson, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By far the most visited post on the site is Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Should We Care?. When I look at how people turn up on the site searches for ‘Jeremy Clarks Sucks’, ‘Jeremy Clarkson is a dick’ and ‘why does jeremy clarkson hate america so’ are always in the search part of my logs. Still America sits and wonders, who the hell is Jeremy Clarkson? Is he somehow connected to Rula Lenska? Well, whoever he is we know one thing, he hates America. Continue reading Jeremy Clarkson, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Jeremy Clarkson Hates America, Who? Why Should We Care?

Jeremy Clarkson is the host of a popular car show in the UK and he hates America, and American cars. Unlike many, he is quite up front and honest about it, he reeks of contempt for anything American. I suspect this is because while he is a major celebrity in the UK, and thus treated with great deferrence by the lower sorts he bumps into, he is an absolute nobody in the US. Like Robbie Williams before him this has convinced him that the problem is that the US is too stupid to see his genius. Actually I quite enjoy Clarkson’s show, but I still think he is the very definition of a complete and total ass.

Videos Pulled By Youtube
Top Gear is putting up Videos now on Youtube, but they don’t allow embedding.
Here is one that is pretty accurate, but pretty insulting to Americans.

And here is explaining Americans:

American’s don’t need to feel too bad, he hates other foreign cars too as shown below, this car had the audacity to be plebian!

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