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Pork Pies of Glory!

After a ten year battle the war is nearly over for the Melton Mowbray pork pie as it nears the protected status already given to the local legendary Stilton cheese. According to this article in the Telegraph the only hurdle remaining for the pork pie’s enshrinement in the world of protected foods is if any other European nations object, and I can’t imagine a French person eating something as common as a pork pie so they should be free and clear. I enjoyed these while living in the UK, they are tough as nails yet still very tasty especially after a long walk. The only place to get great ones is Dickson and Morris in Melton itself, a variety of flavors and sizes but all done well. Dickson and Morris want you to be sure you can recognize a real pork pie, in case you are offered some by shady back alley pork pie vendors. Sadly we cannot get them in the US, but you can make something like it using this recipe.