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Summer of Fear: Squirrels

Squirrels, Threat or Menace?No, I did not miss this one. Thanks to everyone that alerted me though! Squirrels are ramping up their attacks on humanity and have moved on to eating our cars. I have been warning you all, but no, everyone still thinks they are cute and harmless. Lets see how you feel when your car is gone. This could be a new market for the squirrel proof bird feeder makers though, squirrel proof garages. I suspect they would be a useless as most of the squirrel proof feeders are, but a sale is a sale.

Summer of Fear: Squirrels. In Spaaaaace!

Squirrels, Threat or Menace?Ok, some of you, and I won’t name names here but some of you were skeptical when I pointed out the serious but under appreciated danger that Squirrels bring to humanity. Well I get the last laugh then, how safe do you feel now that squirrels have been found on Mars! What harmless activity do you think they are up to on Mars? I will tell you what they are up to, plotting our destruction is what they are up to. How cuddly do you think they will look when their giant war tripods are pouring out of Downers Grove?