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SXSW Samples

I am about one quarter of the way done listening to the SXSW samples for this year. The ones I like best so far can be found here. It is a real mix of genres, with a lot of Rock, some Hip-Hop, some Electronic, and a fair bit of Folk. Folk and Country are at a disadvantage and will pick up more later as I often don’t warm to slower songs on the first listen. I seem to have missed marking up some of the Jazz I liked so far, but I won’t double back until I am done. So far a little less than one in ten has caught my ear. My favorite so far is Josiah Wordworth’s Witch Hunt, but there is some very good stuff among the samples.

SXSW 2009

The annual South by South West Music Festival starts next weekend in Austin, Tx. This is the mother of all music shows for new artists and attending one of these is on my list of things to do before I die. Every year they release samples from the artists, last year this was 761 songs, this year it is over 1,200. The genres range all over hip-hop, world, jazz, rock, folk and many more are represented. Every year I down load all the samples and go through them, last year out of 761 songs I marked 138 of them as very good. This year has over 1,200 samples, well over two solid days of music to listen to, wish me luck. Please note, these are legal artist’s samples, if you like an artist support them or they will go away.

Reviews of the SXSW Downloads

This article by Paul Ford is great. He reviews every single song from the SXSW torrent* in exactly six words for each song and provides a link to each one on the side of the review, you can’t ask for more, the man is a god. I love the reviews, Like a dog fucking a blender is great as is At least their website is cool.. Great article.

Via Catbirdseat

* Legal torrent of samples. If you like the song samples for god sakes buy the albums.