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Royal Wedding As Seen By Commoners

Less Wedding More Beheading is not meant to be taken literally.I am absolutely disinterested in the Royal Wedding. I have to think a moment before I can tell you who is even getting hitched, and I have only picked that up from media saturation. As an American, I am pleased I don’t have a dog in the fight at all. As an American I find the Monarchy ‘quaint’ and an interesting cultural throw back for the English.

If I were English I like to think I would feel what Simon from the Indelicates feels. I know in practice it doesn’t mean much, but I am happy to be a citizen and not a subject. I love the Indelicates because they are the closest thing to the core of angry rock and roll I have found in a modern band. They just won’t shut up and play nice and I love that.
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Best of 2008: Music

Tilly and the Wall by Vern. at Flickr, Click through to Original.
Tilly and the Wall by Vern. at Flickr, Click through to Original.
I know my music tastes are wildly different from most of my readers, but I one of the reasons I blog is to remind myself of things so I am going to list my favorite music from 2008, in a couple of categories. I have a couple of follow ups on this, but this covers the major ground I wanted to remember for the year.
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Good Noises: The Indelicates American Demo

Indelicates Album Cover for DemoThe Indelicates were a lucky find for me. I was actually looking at the wikipedia entry on the Pipettes and noticed one of the founders had left to form the Indelicates, I looked them up on LastFM and the description said

Vehemently anti-low brow, The Indelicates are one of the few bands around that are still trying to raise the bar of the contemporary music scene. Their own style combines the best traditions of tuneful indie sensibility with insightful lyric writing. Their songs are witty, uber intelligent, and musically superbly well crafted. While highlighting the artiface of popular music and undermining its conventions, The Indelicates challenge the audience to demand something better than the usual platitudes served up by the record industry to uncritical consumers.

which I thought could be great, or complete pretentious crap. Luckily, it turned out to be great. They are sarcastic, bitter and sharp and have a very nice fast moving sound. They are trying to be relevant, and can be a little preachy, Our Daughters Will Never Be Free has the subtlety of brick upside the head, but it isn’t as grating as preachy songs often get and the lyrics keep me engaged even if I know exactly where the song is going. I am a big fan of America (see below) a very clever song that can be read a number of different ways as well as the humbly named This Is The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock ‘n Roll, the truth of which you can judge for yourself. Anyhow, I love the album and highly recommend it if you want some music with bite to it.
Their website.

Julia Indelicate’s Demo Page.

Buy their music so that they get rich and inevitably lose their artist edge. Some videos below.

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