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A Clarkson Victory

A win for Jeremy Clarkson as the UK media watch organization declares that he is allowed to tell jokes on television. I am not sure why they were called in on this, it seems pretty clear that it was a comedian telling a joke, but apparently a bureaucrat is now needed in the UK to tell if a joke is a joke or not. Well, keeps somebody employed I guess.

For a reminder of who the hell Jeremy Clarkson is see here and here.

Japanese Dinner, The Aftermath

At a birthday dinner for a friend last night I was told I was neglecting my duties here by not posting up some things I thought had already received wide internet play. Normally if things are turning up on a bunch of sites I skip posting it, but I was reminded that that are some who don’t read the big sites so consider this post a quick wrap up. Warning, this will be a big post with stuff you may have seen before. The dinner was great by the way, the double tuna rolls were fantastic.

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