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Saturday Web Comics: Lackadaisy

Lackadaisy Promotional ImageLackadaisy is a comic about prohibition gangsters in St. Louis using anthropomorphic cats as the characters. I am not big on animal comics, I love the old Scrooge McDuck comics, but in general I prefer my characters to be humans, but I give Tracy Butler real credit, she makes the cats more human than I would have thought possible. Using the exaggerated features that cats allow she manages to convey great emotion and character in a way I think would be very tough otherwise.

The story starts in 1927 and features a down and out group of gangsters who have fallen on hard times following the death of the gang’s old leader. His wife it trying to bring it back with the help of our hero, Rocky Rickaby. Rocky is one of those guys who always manages to survive despite his mouth and poor judgement. The strip is violent, it is a gang story after all, but Rocky and his cousin Calvin manage to keep the tone light and enjoyable. Every character has a distinct personality and despite all cats looking alike to me I can keep them apart in the strip quite easily.

The strip is updated a couple of times a month. There is a book out and their own web shop has posters and buttons as well. If you like O Brother Where Art Thou you will enjoy the story which moves pretty quickly.

Saturday Web Comics: Bearmageddon

The Header Banner from BearmageddonThere is no mystery who Ethan Nicolle is pulling for in this year’s Summer of Fear contest, it is bears. To help their chances he has produced the brilliant webcomic, Bearmageddon. It is about Bearmageddon, an apocalypse event for humanity at the hands of Bears. Not just normal bears, these are hopped up nightmare bears, we get a look at an Octobear pretty early on and the logo promises more insane bears as the story develops. Our hero is a young slacker trying to find his place in life who finds himself in the middle of the start of the Bearmageddon. As of the when I write this we are early on, our hero has just survived his first big bear encounter, but the build up has been tense and I suspect we are headed for total insanity before we get off the ride.

I am sure a book is coming but for now his store is just art and t-shirts. You can donate and get a nice wall paper, I have the Octobear on my background but I assure you this will not bias this year’s Summer of Fear contest, I remain open open to other over hyped animals in the news. The strip updates Wednesday and Friday and is a solid PG-13 as bear attacks are rarely neat and tidy affairs. I will be blunt, if you don’t love a fantastically well done comic about a Bearmageddon then I just don’t understand you.

Saturday Web Comics: The Bean

Promo image for The Bean webcomicI just came across this one but it is already a favorite. It is the story of The Bean, a young man working in an inn run by ogres who is dragged out into a wider fantasy world. It is fantasy in the classic style, with elves, goblins, trolls, ogres and fairys but Travis Hanson adds interesting touches to the world and his art style enhances the character and makes the world feel very fresh.

His first two books are available and I recommend them, the strip updates regularly but this is a long format story and in the end I think the books will be the best way to read the final story. That said, he is really picking up steam at the moment so I suggest starting from the beginning and seeing where the story has gotten to.

Saturday Web Comics: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Delilah Dirk and The Turkish Lieutenant Promo ArtIt has been sometime since I updated my recommended web comics, some I used to like are gone now but thankfully there are many excellent ones that I keep bumping into so I thought I would start trying to recommend some.

The first up is Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, an excellent adventure comic set 1805. It follows Selim, the Turkish Lieutenant as he is pulled from his comfortable life by the carefree rogue Delilah Dirk. The art is fantastic, the characters are well established and the story is face paced and fun. The first story is complete and another begins in May, you can read it from the start here. If you are not reading this you should be, at is excellent.

Two More Good Web Comics: Minus and The Abominable Charles Christopher

I have two more good webcomics to recommend today. One I have been reading for quite awhile and I am not sure how I stumbled across it originally. It is called Minus and it has a wonderful quirky storytelling method that is both joyous and very, very creepy. Minus is a magical little girl and the strip is about her and her friends. I liken Minus to a less bratty Anthony Freemont, she is both a wonder and a terror. The strip has a bit of an anime flavor to it, but it is done in the traditional layout by an artist named Ryan Armand. It is brilliant and well worth watching regularly.

The second strip I want to point you to is The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl. This strip is much newer than Minus and I quickly caught up with the story lines. It is early in the story so I am not sure at all where they are going, but all the characters are interesting and the art is fantastic, really inspiring. I was pointed to this strip by Fleen, a news blog about webcomics that I subscribe to and it has turned up some gems for me. Both of the strips today are available via RSS feeds and that makes it easy to keep up as new strips are posted.