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Barnes Wallis, Inventor of the Bouncing BombSo those wacky Brits decided to put up a statue to the inventor of the bouncing bomb used by the Dam Buster Raid, a high risk attack in the Second World War to take out a dam providing power and support for the canal system. Sounds good until you read the plaque, which is dedicated to Sir Barnes Wallis for his work on the Infamous raid. When asked if it was a mistake it was stressed that the raid was infamous to the Germans. Just like the infamous D-Day invasion or the infamous liberation of Auschwitz. I understand those events caused the Germans some distress as well.

Today In History: PT-109 Sinks

The crew of the PT-109August 2nd: Today in 1943 the Motor Torpedo Boat 109 commanded by a young John F. Kennedy was cut in half by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri. Two of the crew died in the collision but the crew found their way to an uninhabited island and were found and rescued. Overall a pretty insignifigant incident in the middle of a huge war, but it helped build the legend around Kennedy that still lingers to the this day. I think I built three models of the PT-109 when I was a boy and I can still sing the Jimmy Dean song pretty much end to end.

No Leg To Stand On

An unusual auction is coming up of World War Two memorabilia that includes a prosthetic leg worn by Douglas Bader, one of the true heroes of the Second World War. Bader lost both legs in a plane crash before the war commenting ‘Crashed slow-rolling near ground. Bad show.‘ in his log but he kept fighting to fly. When the Second World War started he kept pushing and was finally allowed to fly and rapidly became an Ace and a Fighter Wing Commander. He was eventually shot down and captured by the Germans who quickly began to regret capturing him as he tried repeatedly to escape and make his captures life difficult. He never gave up and remains an inspirational figure but I am not sure I would spring for the £100,000 they are looking for here.